Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Soccer Goaltender Signed After Conviction for Having Girlfriend Killed, Fed to His Dogs

I guess the next time the NFL is criticized for not taking domestic violence seriously enough, the league can say it is not as bad as soccer.  The New York Daily News reports on an incredible story out of Brazil:
Bruno Fernandes de Souza
Second-tier Brazilian soccer club Boa Esporte has come under fire for signing goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes de Souza, who was convicted for ordering the 2010 killing of his ex-girlfriend and having her body fed to his dogs, to a two-year contract shortly after his release from prison, according to a report from The Guardian.
Bruno's lawyer was able to get the soccer player released from prison after serving seven years of a 22-year sentence because the courts had failed to rule on his appeal.
The victim of Bruno's brutal crime, Eliza Samudio, had been suing him for child support. Samudio then went missing, and Bruno admitted to his involvement in the plan that resulted in her death. 
Boa Esporte's president, Rone Moraes da Costa, said in a statement that the club was helping Bruno return to society by giving him the "dignity of work." The statement did not mention Samudio or the murder of her.

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Republicans and Faux Christians voted for a man that brags about sexual assaults as President of the US, so who cares?