Monday, January 9, 2017

State Lawmaker To Introduce Bill To Raise Indiana's Age Of Consent From 16 To 18

Fox 59 reports on the development:
State Rep. Karlee Macer, D-Indianapolis, told our news gathering partners at the Indy Star the bill would give prosecutors and judges another tool to hold people accountable for preying on children.  
“I think what’s happening in our state with our children right now is a crisis,” she said.Macer said the bill would create a criminal offense called “indiscretion,” which
Rep. Karlee Macer (D-Indianapolis)
could be filed against someone at least 23 years old who engages in sexual conduct, fondling or touching with someone who is at least 16 but younger than 18.
It is already against the law in Indiana for those in positions of power, like teachers, coaches and mental health professionals, to have sex with someone under 18. But it’s not a crime for other adults to have sex with someone as young as 16.  
Most Hoosiers probably assume that in Indiana the age of consent is 18.  But Indiana's law is 16, which puts the law in line with most which have sub-18 year old consent laws.  

There is a reason why most states haven't opted for age 18 consent laws.  Laws that to try to shield 16 and 17 year olds from sexual activity are utterly doomed to selective enforcement.

I have learned to be wary whenever the argument we need to change the law to give law enforcement (police, prosecutor, judges) "another tool." The argument is always that just because law enforcement has those tools does not mean they will be used.  It is the "trust us" approach to law enforcement policy. While I do admire and appreciate their work, there are plenty examples of law enforcement officials abusing tools when they are given them.  There is no greater example than what has happened with civil forfeiture, which has turned into policing for profit.

Raise the age of consent to 18?  Bad idea.


True Republican said...

They shouldn't lower the age of consent!

Nicolas Martin said...

Why don't they raise it to 26, the age deemed by Obamacare to be the end of childhood? Americans are now perpetual children of the state anyway.