Wednesday, January 4, 2017

President-Elect Trump Slams Intelligence Community in Advance of Friday's Briefing

On Friday, the intelligence community is to brief President-Elect Donald Trump on Russian hacking of DNC emails.  In advance of that meeting, Donald Trump took to his Twitter machine to mock the "intelligence" of that community.
Although Trump suggested that they had an intelligence briefing set for Tuesday, which was delayed
until Friday, in fact there was no meeting scheduled on Tuesday.   The meeting was always to take place later in the week and Friday was the very first day it was scheduled for.

The frightening thing about Donald Trump and his legion of followers is that they believe they get to replace actual facts with their own made up ones whenever they want. Undoubtedly the Trumpkins are at this moment on social media spreading Trump's false claim about the meeting being delayed to allow the intelligence community more time to build a case.

In the very next tweet Trump's penchant for disbelieving facts if they don't fit his narrative is on full display:
If Assange said he didn't get the emails from the Russians, and that's what Trump wants to believe, then that makes it a "fact" in Trump's world.  Does anyone believe that any amount of proof put forward by the intelligence community on Friday will have any impact on Trump?   On more than one occasion during the campaign Trump was presented with video of him saying things and, quite incredibly, he still denied making the statements.

Trump was briefed about Russian hacking last fall long before the election. So it is silly to claim that this issue is simply some post-election maneuver by President Obama to discredit Trump.  It is not a new issue.  But consider this:  What if Trump's defensiveness on the Russian hacking issue is not because of disbelief but because the Trump campaign had contacts with Putin's government in which the Russians were encouraged to hack the DNC emails?

Russian officials have already admitted they were in contact with the Trump campaign before (and since) the election.  It is not really much of a stretch to consider that those discussions included the email hacking and other ways Putin could aid Trump in winning the election. That might explain Trump's man crush on Putin and his eagerness to help the Russian cause as President.

I am afraid that some time in 2017 we're going to have an Alexander Butterfield Watergate moment in which it's revealed that not only were there Trump Campaign-Russian communications about the email hack, some of those communications were recorded.   What happens then?


Pete Boggs said...

Password Podesta appears to have culpability...

Anonymous said...

No doubt with the support of RINO fake conservative Mike Pence, the feeble minded carpetbagger establishmentarian Dan Coats is expected to be named Intelligence Director. I voted for Trump because I could not have lived with myself if I woke the morning after the November election to find the corrupt, hateful, elitist, self-interested, traitorous Hillary Rodham Clinton had been elected POTUS.

I will put up with the fake "R's" Trump is appointing or placing before Congress simply because the leftist Hillary Rodham Clinton would have been light years worse.

Still, Dan Coats??? Seriously, anyone who knows this man understands he should not be called out of retirement- a retirement comprised of an enormous amount of money made during his crony "R" "career".

Paul K. Ogden said...

Anon 8:57, no one who is a Donald Trump supporter should ever complain about a Republican being a RINO. Donald Trump is the biggest RINO who ever assumed office. As far as "leftist" Hillary Clinton being much worse, you look at Trump's comments and he is every bit the big government liberal she is. And with Trump we also have to worry he might get us in WWIII over a tweet, might run roughshod over or constitution and/or might try to suppress freedoms, like free speech, that we Americans enjoy. At least with HRC, as abhorrent as her policies would have been, those are things we wouldn't have had to worry about that.