Monday, October 3, 2016

Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard's Budget Requests Nearly 40% Increase in Pay

At a time when families are struggling and local politicians are continually asking for higher taxes on those families, it is appalling to see politicians raising their own pay.  The Current in Carmel reports:
Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard has submitted his budget for 2017, along with a salary ordinance that includes a $50,000 pay raise for himself, which is a 40 percent increase. 
The mayor’s salary is proposed to increase from $127,946 a year to $179,344 a year. It
Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard
will be introduced at the City Council meeting on Oct. 3 but will likely not be passed on first reading to allow the public time to comment.
Prior to the ordinance being released, Brainard told Current in Carmel that his salary was going up, “around $35,000 or $40,000 or something.” 
“City manager salaries can be way above that,” he said. “In some cities they make $200,000 or $300,000.” 
Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett makes $99,000 a year. When asked about the discrepancy, Brainard said, “They don’t have money to get their roads paved.” 
“It’s a ridiculously low salary for someone representing a city of that size,” he said. “It’s a billion-dollar business.” 
If passed, the salary increase would make Brainard the highest paid mayor in the state. 
Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson is currently the state’s highest paid mayor at $142,096. 
“We don’t really look at Indiana when we do salary comparisons,” Brainard said.The mayor said the salary increase is necessary. 
“It’s important to attract qualified people to run for office,” he said. “Many of the mayors we look at (for comparison) can make seven or eight times that in the private sector.”
Then leave office Mayor Brainard.  Contrary to your claim, there would be quality people lining up the door to take your place when you leave.  I get so sick of that ridiculous argument.  I hear it all the time from judges wanting to be paid more.  Like there is a shortage of excellent attorneys out there who who wouldn't jump at the chance to be a judge.

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Anonymous said...

Our family fled the declining, emptying Marion County for Carmel, Indiana, in the 1970's. I and most of my family are Constitutional Conservatives who must usually vote "R" but would never vote for Jim Brainard.

Brainard often makes the former Indy mayor who is now little more than a memory and a lingering bad taste in the electorate's mouth, the uber-corrupt Greg Ballard, look like St. Michael the Archangel.

Lying Greg Ballard used the same fake argument claim "high salaries are needed for us to attract real talent we need" as an excuse just as Lying Jim Brainard does.

You nailed it again, Paul... And I do so wish Brainard, whom I believe is an attorney millionaire mayor, would just freakin' leave.