Thursday, September 15, 2016

My Email Response to GOP Chairman Reince Preibus

Dear Mr. Priebus: 
Reince Priebus
I wanted to respond to your email asking Republican grass roots leaders like me to support Donald Trump. It is not going to happen. I love my country too much to back a nominee who is completely lacking in qualifications to be President and has repeatedly demonstrated zero temperament for the position. Trump is a big government liberal who has no appreciation of limited government or federalism. His comments reflect that he has no understanding or respect for our Constitution. Trump has also expressed affection for brutal dictators and indicated Americans have too much freedom to criticize public figures, like him. Those are not Republican principles. Those are not American principles.  
Mr. Priebus, you are lowering yourself and MY party with your enthusiastic backing of Donald Trump.  I would encourage you to instead focus on holding on to GOP majorities in the House and the Senate and not divert precious resources in a quixotic effort to elect such a repugnant character to the Office of the Presidency.  
On Election Day, I will NOT pass out any literature that has the name “Trump” on it. I will not lift a finger to help that embarrassment get elected. I am sure there will be hundreds of GOP grass roots workers like me. We conservatives,and those who believe in Republican values, lost the election the day Trump was nominated. Donald Trump is a stain on the grand legacy of the Republican Party and I will not support him. Ever. 
Paul K. Ogden 
Elected Republican Precinct Committeeman


True Republican said...

Well said Paul! Good to see you are still blogging!

leon dixon said...

No doubt they will consult with polls before giving you an answer.....

leon dixon said... A real conservative schools Paul.

leon dixon said... One can look up Part One of Dr. Clowes presentation. This newspaper is a national one, mostly Catholic, but NOT subject to any limp wristed Bishop's censorship. A great number of Catholic Bishops don't like this newspaper or it's sibling, The Remnant. To which one offers a hard boiled egg upon which they can suck.

leon dixon said... Then, Victor Davis Hanson was tasked with taking Paul (and those National Review wimps) to task for their crybaby antics. It is painful to view Paul's tantrums being taken apart but in the mercy of the Lord, Paul was not mentioned by name. Of course, Hanson might have not a clue in the world and Paul might be holding all the Aces? We are fortunate that no one will take a bet on such. Tinkering with the Constitution by folks with a long view might backtrack to the time the SC had 8 Masons and one non-Mason. Was one man, one vote, really what any of the Founders or Amenders had in mind? I don't think so. I don't think that muzzling Churches via 501C3 status was on their minds either but it was on Masonic minds.