Sunday, July 31, 2016

Trump, Once Again, Imports Foreign Workers Instead of Hiring Americans at His Florida Resorts

Yet once again, Donald Trump's actions belie his words when it comes to bringing American jobs back.  Even the glare of possible publicity on his employment practices didn't stop Trump from stiffing Americans in favor of foreign workers, workers who would be captive employees, i.e. individuals who could market their skills to other employers to improve their pay.  The Daily News reports:
Donald Trump wants to bring jobs back to America — and some foreign workers to fill them.   
Trump is looking to hire 78 servers, housekeepers, and cooks for his Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach and the nearby Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, according to Federal labor records.
As he has for years, the Republican presidential nominee filed this month to import Buzzfeed News first reported Wednesday.
foreign workers for the jobs instead of hiring Americans,
Department of Labor records show Trump has sought H-2 visas for hundreds of foreigners to fill temporary positions at the two properties in recent years.
The visas are issued through a legal program that allows employers to temporarily hire foreign workers when there are no Americans available to do the work.
But hundreds of U.S. applicants either applied or were referred for the jobs, but only a handful were hired, the New York Times reported in February.
Since 2010, nearly 300 U.S. residents applied or were referred for jobs as waiters, waitresses, cooks and housekeepers there, but only 17 were hired, according to The Times.
Trump’s two properties are looking to hire 37 waiters and waitresses, who will be paid $11.13 an hour, and 26 cooks, who will earn $12.74 an hour. Additionally, Mar-a-Lago needs 15 $10.17-an-hour housekeepers.
This exposure comes on the heels of another loss by Trump in court. The New York businessman attempted to stiff a painting contractor on the remaining $34,863 on a $200,000. The judge found not only that he owed the $34,863 but he owed the contractor's attorneys nearly $300,000 legal fees for having to sue to recover on the bill.

Trump has a long history of not paying small business owners and employees what they are owed. The Trump business practice is to claim unhappiness with the quality of the work as justification. Although that is generally not a defense, Trump knows that few small businesses and employees have the financial resources to challenge Trump in court. With regard to the painting contractor, Trump gambled wrong. The painting contractor found attorneys willing to take on Trump without having to front the legal fees.

By the way the name of the judge in the case? Jorge Cueto.


Anonymous said...

I'm confused Mr. Ogden. On one hand, you claim to be a principled conservative and hold beliefs that many principled conservatives hold, yet on the other hand you simply post a mainstream media hit piece on Trump from the NY Daily News without attempting to corroborate anything in it? Why would you do that? No need to answer. I know why. This is why I'm no longer a principled conservative...

Paul K. Ogden said...

Anon 2:16,

So do you think the Department of Labor (or Buzzfeed or the New York Daily News) simply made up the visa requests by Trump and yet Trump never countered this story by mentioning that the visa requests were fabricated? Really? And you really believe that?

Trump was right. He could shoot people on the streets of New York City and people like you would still support him. Trumpites simply don't care about facts.