Monday, July 4, 2016

Kevin Kellems, Trump's Director of Surrogates, Resigns Third Week Into the Job

The big issue is "why."  In his two weeks plus on the job, what did Kevin Kellems see inside the Trump campaign that troubled so him so much he felt he needed to jump off the Trump train at its very next stop? The Indianapolis Business Journal reports:
Indiana political consultant Kevin Kellems, who joined Donald Trump’s presidential campaign team just last month, has resigned. 
Kellems, who was brought on to be the director of surrogates on Trump's campaign,
Kevin Kellems
announced his resignation in a short email to associates obtained Friday by The Washington Post.
"While brief, it has been an interesting experience, and am proud of the contributions made through our early-phase project endeavors," Kellems wrote in the email. "Also have enjoyed meeting some fine and dedicated individuals throughout the organization. Look forward to running across several of you going forward." 
Erica Freeman, another aide who worked with surrogates, also resigned, a person familiar with her decision.
Surrogates is a term used for supporters who are not on the campaign staff but who do appearances on television and at events for the candidate.
The New York businessman has been accused by even his own fellow Republicans of making comments that exploit xenophobia and are racist and sexist.  Many of the Republicans in the #NeverTrump crowd have pointed out that many in the GOP working with and otherwise associating themselves with Trump are risking forever tarnishing their reputations. Trump recently added anti-semitic to his critics' list of Trump bigotry this week.  

But Kellems though knew of Trump's controversial reputation long before he joined the campaign. So it must have been something else that caused him to leave just over two weeks from the Republican national convention when all eyes are going to be on Donald Trump, exactly when Kellem's assistance in managing surrogates will be most needed.


leon dixon said...

So, ? " Trump recently added anti-semitic to his critics' list of Trump bigotry this week." Sez who? And, more than half the time it is bullshit and taking advantage of not defining terms. It is a racial concept, for one because of immutable and ineradicable racial being black. Note, too, Arabs are Semites. You did know that, didn't you? So, are you saying that Trump is anti Arab?
I'm guessing that like a lot of uninformed people you use that term to mean anything that Jews say or are opposed to. That is, then, that Jews cannot be criticized for anything they do, have done, will do if given the chance. Really? White Horses they ride, White hats they wear, and their shit doesn't stink? Thus, no criticism, ever, for anything why? Calling BS on you and Gannett and suggesting that while you have been lied to you need not continue to pass the trash. I may have mentioned, The Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine by Ilan Pappe. You can't read 100 pages of it to be apprised of long suppressed crimes and lies and continuing of such remains a problem in the Middle East. Europe doesn't have a state controlled media and have long known of the lies and the crimes. There are many other books based in part, as this one was, on recently declassified Israeli materials.

LamLawIndy said...

Paul, though the misinformed (Judge Curiel is a HOOSIER for goodness sakes!) and disrespectful (Carly Fiorina's face is pleasant, NOT horrific) statements of Donald Trump may be reason enough for some to vote against him, the main reason I am voting against him is because of his support for entitlement spending, disdain for free trade, and willingness to curb the First Amendment.

leon dixon said...

Clinton Jewish slurs. Plug this into your browser.

Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog for years, so are you actually on the Clinton wagon? To buy in the B.S. The Clinton campaign is spinning about the "star if David" makes me wonder. If you are that mindless I guess I need to stop reading.

Anonymous said...

Sez the source of the tweet being, like some 75 of Trump's re-tweets, taken from a white supremacist message board. Seems that Trump spends an inordinate amount of his time feeding off of racist material.

Anonymous said...

Kellums left because Trump is going to pick Mike Pence as his VP

Paul K. Ogden said...

Anon 3:42, why do you assume that it was Clinton people putting out the "spin" on Trump twitting a graphic with the Star of David? Anyone with eyes and access to Twitter can see what Trump did. It didn't require the Clinton campaign putting it out there. I guess one could take the position that Trump simply did not know what the Star of David is, which I guess is quite possible since Trump isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, that's for sure.

Sorry, unlike Trump's legion of fans, I'm not going to look the other way when our GOP likely nominee spouts sexism or racial and ethnic bigotry. Trump is doing more to undermine the legacy of Ronald Reagan than any liberal Democrat has ever done. Of course Trump was a liberal Democrat until he announced for President as a Republican last year.

leon dixon said... Paul is not mindless. He has some residual respect for that part of the Republican Party that holds to principle....a very small minority. He likes to think that he is a conservative but pays no attention to the Republicans electing LBJ and actively working against Goldwater...the same sons of bitches worked against Reagan, too. Right? They suckered Bush onto the ticket (suckered the American People) as that asshat showed his true Republican colors by rooting all conservatives out of his national administration. He also used his lips to lie to us repeatedly.

LamLawIndy said...

leon, I'm fairly certain that Paul wasn't even alive in 1964, much less of voting age ;)

leon dixon said... But, as Churchill noted, lies can travel half way around the world before truth can get its pants on in the morning.

Blind support for Israeli policies is more than stupid. It is ignorant and uninformed and it is, in itself a form of manufactured political correctness driven by money only.

leon dixon said... and, I imagine Tom would be ok with your posting his excellent analysis.....

leon dixon said...

There are Republicans and then there are republicans.