Friday, July 1, 2016

Governor Pence Meets With Donald Trump Amid Rumors Indiana Governor Being Considered for VP Slot

The Chicago Tribune reports:
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's re-election campaign announced Friday that he will meet with presumed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump over the weekend amid speculation that Pence is under consideration as his vice presidential running-mate.
Gov. Mike Pence
The move raises questions about what it would mean for his gubernatorial re-election campaign at home. While the Republican governor's embrace of social issues has brought considerable criticism from Democrats and business leaders, he is well regarded among national conservatives and brings with him the support of the party's evangelical wing. If Pence were to become Trump's vice presidential nominee, state law dictates that he could not run for both offices.
Indeed, Pence's presence on the ticket would reassure traditional conservatives and evangelicals.  Although many Hoosier social conservatives and evangelicals aren't wild about Pence's tenure in office, that's mostly inside baseball.  Given the fact that more than half of Republicans want another nominee, Trump needs to shore up his conservative credentials.

But at the end of the day, the No. 2 person on the ticket matters little.  It's the No. 1 person who wins or loses presidential campaigns. Republicans are on the verge of nominating a candidate who is greatly disliked by 70% of the voters.   Trump will likely lose the general election badly and may well take down numerous Republicans with him.  Governor Pence has to make a decision whether he wants to be associated with a Trump-led divisive campaign that tarnishes the reputation of everyone associated with him.


Leon Dixon said... In which WAPO reacts to sustained criticism that they have long been in the tank. So, a peep out of them. Seems like we ought to have an Ogden column on all the sins of the Clintons. You know, just a peep or two...easily written, wealth of materials to choose from, hundreds of policies Paul would not like even if his current role is to help enable them.
Sure, it isn't easy to be a conservative in Indiana or even in america when the liberals are in charge of sinking the ship. There are 15 or 16 candidates Paul would have preferred but none of them are going to be in a Clinton Cabinet. None of those 15 or 16 were capable of winning a national the view of the great mass of Republican voters....whose views are not conservative in the main but Republican. Republicans are best viewed as a different species of slime. Their version of hypocrisy gives Hypocrisy a bad name. Buried in that slime pile are the conservatives...having been routed out of the Democrat Party (for the most part) by that latent yet powerful strain of Communist DNA stenching from FDR days.
So, the R conservatives are not in charge of anything. But, the Republicans cannot win elections without them. Their course of action thus cannot be to alter the slime in which they swim but to cut a deal wherein their support translates into political promises....knowing full well that Republicans don't keep their word or their promises. Mewing after Hill's skirts and the return of Bill to the Intern office isn't what a manly conservative would the the course of action for girlie men like George Will, et al. Pence has shown his mettle. It needs quite a bit more heat treatment and work hardening. He does not understand how representative democracy works and has no backbone against crony capitalists or any other capitalist running an amoral corporation. Folding like a cheap card table is not Presidential material or even Vice Presidential material.
Sure, one has to write about something.....and polls are so why not pick on the bag lady in pantsuits?

Anonymous said...

Please please please please please please! Remove Pence from any possibility of a second term!

Flogger said...

Pence would add nothing to the Republican Presidential Ticket. Indiana is going to go Republican. The Trumpet needs a VP from a swing state like Ohio, PA or FL.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Flogger, I don't consider it a certainty that Indiana will go for Trump. Obama won Indiana in 2008 against a GOP candidate who was a lot more popular with Republicans than Trump. Trump is turning a lot of former Republican states into competitive contests. I would agree though if Trump has to worry about Indiana, then it's a moot point.

Pete Boggs said...

No brainer- Trump's top VP prospects are other than the Governor...

Pete Boggs said...

While I support him here as the best option; economically, the Governor would be a low energy pick. In recent decades, Republicans have no record of reducing the size & expense (tax, fees, etc.) of government; in real net terms. Slow growth statism is BS; not a free market solution.