Saturday, April 2, 2016

Trump Flips on Abortion Yet Again, Now He Supports the Current (Abortion on Demand) Law

During a 1999 interview, Donald Trump famously said he was "very pro-choice" and that he even supported partial birth abortion, a procedure that even many ardent abortion rights supporters find repugnant and want banned.  Despite his staunch views on the subject, Trump would go on to later claim he became pro life, conveniently just before deciding to run for President as a Republican.

I have long wished for a reporter to simply ask Trump what caused him to switch his views from
Donald Trump
being so ardently pro-choice that he supported partial birth abortion to being pro life.  That's a huge leap.  So what motivated the switch? Of course, we do know, Trump was perfectly aware that being pro-choice was a disqualifier for a Republican seeking the Presidency.  So he changed his stance. Even Trump, however, knew he couldn't say that political expediency was the motivating factor. So he'd have to come up with another reason on the fly and I'm betting he would have bungled the answer revealing himself to be a phony on the abortion issue.

My question did not even have to be asked though for Trump to be exposed as a pro life fraud.  In response to a question from MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Trump on Wednesday said he not only wanted abortion banned (except for rape, incest and life of the mother), he wanted the women who sought illegal abortions to be criminally prosecuted, a position that no pro life organization anywhere takes.  Trump had clearly not read the pro life script.  Within hours, Trump had flipped releasing a statement saying that he only wanted the abortion providers prosecuted, not the women who chose the illegal abortion.

Well, guess what?  Two days later Trump flipped again.  In an interview with Face the Nation's John Dickerson, Trump now declares that "the laws [on abortion] are set.  And I think we have to leave it that way."  Translation...Trump supports Roe v. Wade, i.e. abortion on demand.

So many of my pro life friends fell for Trump's fake conversion on the abortion issue.  Now that that conversion has been exposed as a fraud, will they finally get off the Trump train?

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LamLawIndy said...

It's clear that Trump has no ideological compass. This week's 270-degree pivots on abortion merely serve to further demonstrate this.