Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Businessman Bill Smythe Announces Run For Hamilton County Commissioner

Press release published for a friend of mine.  Great guy who will fight against corporate welfare and push back against the never-ending efforts by some Hamilton County Republicans who want to raise taxes.
Fishers IN- Bill Smythe wasn't looking to run for office, but circumstances begged him to step up, including a recent decision to start a $142 million project with practically no local input or discussion. He believes voters and business owners across Hamilton County will be glad he did. 
Bill Smythe is a businessman and a family man, married to his wife Brenda for 34 years.
Bill Smythe
He isn't a power broker. He isn't looking to enrich his connected friends with contracts. He's looking out for the best interests of all Hamilton County citizens, with a focus on solutions without losers.
Bill has repeatedly brought people together so their voices could be heard. He recently formed a Route 37 business alliance, has fought higher food & beverage taxes, and helped form the Tavern League of Indianapolis to protect small business owners. Smythe has always stood up for others in the face of big government. Running for County Commissioner is his latest action in his consistent advocacy.
Smythe is like so many other business owners when he says, "I'd rather just run my business, make my living, and enjoy my family, but I'm concerned for the future of Hamilton County. The voters need a voice here, and it seems the only voices that get a hearing are vendors, and it compelled me to run for Commissioner."
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Pete Boggs said...

Good news Mr. Ogden- thanks for the introduction.

Anonymous said...

Sure am glad that the prevailing winds in Indiana are from the Southwest....Hamilton County needs some fixing.

rls46032 said...

Anonymous, wish more would come forward as this is a very high stakes game and being played as winner take all. They are playing poker and gambling on money that is not rightfully theirs to use.

Anonymous said...

Letterman had his stupid pet tricks. Indiana Republicans have Hamilton County for theirs. Once citizens give their tax dollars and the ability to borrow away...then, they will soon not have either. When the house of cards falls down up that way it won't hurt many Democrats. Just wish Fadness, et al were not stealing so much from the witless Pence.

Pete Boggs said...

Mr. Smith is right. Recalling my parent's reaction when they observed my siblings & me playing monopoly with paper route money; it was a lesson we'd never forget...