Monday, January 25, 2016

Race for Hamilton County GOP Chairman Gets Ugly

Big developments in the Hamilton County Republican County Chairman's race.  Recently a letter circulated in Hamilton County detailing Pete Peterson's supposed criminal history.  Prior to my being forwarded the letter, I was sent Peterson's a document which purported to be a listing of his criminal offenses.  Upon examining the document, I concluded it was a list of arrests and charges, often without clear indication of how the charges were disposed of.  Plus, I had no way to be 100% sure it was THE "Pete Peterson."   Further, the criminal charges I saw were approximately a quarter of a century old and the fairly minor offenses that might have been disposed of with diversion if they weren't dismissed outright.  The only offenses in this century were minor traffic violations in Hamilton County.

Needless to say, I wasn't impressed and decided not to publish.  Apparently because there was some suspicion as to who authored and sent the letter, The Constitutional Patriots, in a letter authored by Dwight Lile, disavowed doing so.

In more pertinent news, acting Hamilton County Chairman Laura Campbell sent a letter firing the 71
Laura Campbell
precinct and vice committeemen appointed by outgoing Hamilton County Chairman Peter Emigh.  Emigh had clearly made the appointments to try to rig the vote for county chairman later this month for the candidate he favored, Pete Peterson.  Campbell is also a candidate.

In an email to State Republican Chairman Jeff Cardwell, Campbell, who is also a candidate for the Hamilton County Chairman, explained her decision:
When I looked over the list, I was shocked to see that about 71 people (the “Emigh Appointments”) had been appointed to the list on 11/29/2015. Upon a review of the names of those 71, it became clear to me that Emigh was attempting to stack the deck to ensure Peterson would win. The 71 that were appointed included Peterson’s daughter, his mortgage broker who co-signed on his home loan, vendors who do business with Fishers, Fishers city employees, and a host of others who would clearly vote for Peterson. Only a few of the Emigh appointees have ever had anything to do with Hamilton County Republican politics.
I immediately contacted Kim Good, our central committee secretary, who had no idea that Emigh was resigning and had not received notice of any of the Emigh appointees mentioned above as the rules require.   At this point I knew that as acting Chairman, I had 30 days to hold the caucus and did not have to do it on January 5 as Emigh and Peterson wanted.
The Emigh Appointments were not in compliance with our rules, done for an improper purpose, and will disenfranchise the hundreds of elected precinct and vice precinct committeemen who actually do work on behalf of our Party and make Hamilton County the stalwart of Republican Politics that it has become.
Campbell then goes on to explain in exhaustive detail the rules she looked at and the basis for her decision. This includes the fact that the rules appear to require those eligible to vote be in office 30 days before a vacancy to vote.  Nonetheless, the state rules clearly specify that appointed PCs and VPCs, as opposed to those PCs who are elected and VPCs who receive their appointment from an elected PC, serve at the discretion of the county chairman. So Campbell, the acting county chairman, seems perfectly within her authority to remove the "mummy dummy" PC appointments that were clearly made for the purpose to rig the vote.

Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness is challenging Campbell's decision with the State Republican Party Rules Committee which is today hearing the matter.  Fadness is one of the "mummy dummy" appointees who was put into place to cast a ballot for Peterson and now finds himself unable to do so.
I just want to say "thank you" to Campbell for making this decision.  For years, I have seen these county chairman elections, as well as vacancy and slating caucuses, rigged by the county chairman appointing mummy dummy PCs to outvote the elected and appointed PCs who do the actual work in the party.  Even though Campbell's move benefits her, it was the right decision to make.

I hope that this blowup in Hamilton County encourages Chairman Cardwell and other members of the State GOP organization to make some much needed changes to the rules to stop the practice of "mummy dummy" appointments that so undermine the power of grass roots party workers.


Anonymous said...

Whatever happens. Cardwell is not going to reform the State GOP in regards to how the County Chairman are picked! Wonder what Charlie White thinks of this.

Anonymous said...

And just how should they be chosen?

Unknown said...

LOL. The alleged uber-Christian Jeff Cardwell is a coward and, despite his public pronouncements of prayer on FB and twitter, won't be reforming anything.

As for the county party. That seems like a different life. I was extremely naive trying to impose a "merit system". People that do volunteer work for the party from different walks of life have some level of empathy for each other and can appreciate each others' sacrifice. I had a lot of empathy for people that worked because of the years I had to work. I might be deluding myself, but as imperfect and for as much of a daily struggle as it was, I feel like we have "some" level of peaceful co-existence within the party when I was Chairman.

The laziest people, many of which are tied to either the corrupt Steve Dillinger gang or the Mitch Daniels posse downtown back in the day did not care if people work and would react almost violently against any silly "merit system"....they don't want peace...they want power...and they want all of it right now...especially the power of procurement....they will put a grenade in your mouth and pull the pin if they think you are in their way. On the other hand, SOME who are not connected to anyone and are extremely lazy, just complain that power is not handed to them immediately because of their alleged "superior intellect" to govern all of us little people. It was the lazy and corrupt who don't want to work, demand power now, and happened to know the usual bootlickers in the media, that took away my equal protection under the law because of "payback time".

Had the corrupt and the lazy in Hamilton County not pulled a "Tonya Harding" on me, ripping away my equal protection under the law, I would have still been the chairman today. One of Mitch's enforcers had made several attempts to get me to quit being county chairman.

Not that it matters now, but because I had seen how ineffective State Party had been for years back when I was involved, I planned on trying to create an informal cooperative group amongst county chairs who wanted to honestly work on grass roots and fundraising where they could get guidance and assistance on best management practices for county parties that would make PCs as well as county party officers more productive and feel more appreciated...I have no idea how the state party is now, but back then, I wondered what they really did except for playing "palace politics" and treating volunteers, PCs and many chairman like dogcrap (unless you were a powerful insider outside of your role). I figured that the state GOP would feel some pressure to reorganize if many of the big and small counties were working together and more efficiently without them. I noticed a lot of things that we as county chairs could have helped each other on when I talked to a lot of them while I was on the road for two years from 2009-2010.

Having given nearly thirty of my life to the party, I am very sad that I have been put in a ridiculous situation by a few lazy & corrupt folks in Hamilton County that make it impractical for me to ever return as chairman. On the other hand, I have missed so much life with my family because I helped a lot of people who didn't appreciate it as I seemed to have picked up all their enemies. 'Obviously', my approach to being a county chairman, for those who were around enough to truly know what my approach was, must have been "tyrannical" to the lazy or a road block to those craving all the power whenever I wanted to spread things around. Keep in mind, the only reason why I am where I am today and because is because of an effort by a handful of savage sore-losers who wanted me out as county chairman so they could remove an obstacle or simple get even over positions they never deserved...after everything that happened to me, I am surprised anyone wants the position.

Pete Boggs said...

This "party" is a f8ck#ng fascist / statist disaster in need of grassroots reform.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking that Charlie White would say "job well done" to both Mr. Emigh and Ms. Campbell. I personally think yes it does benefit Ms. Campbell to some degree but it also shows how alert and decisive Ms. Campbell is on matters of integrity ! The Republican Party is lucky to have her lead the way !

Paul K. Ogden said...

Anon 6:54,

County chairmen should be selected by elected PCs only, just like they were up until the mid-1980s. In the absence of returning to that system, then only appointed PCs who have actually worked an election in the precinct they purport to represent should be voting, as well as those who are elected. In no circumstances should the county chairmen be able to appoint a slew of people at the last minute to vote for his or her re-election or the election of the chairman's buddy. That is exactly what Peter Emigh did.

John Accetturo said...

These people are a disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

What happens, generally, when a county organization goes corrupt is that the ranks of "independent" voters rises. The road then to insurgent splinter groups then becomes easier, and the sclerosis proceeds as the folks with intellect, energy, and morals leave the rotting hulk. They then tend to elect sorts like Ballard who are soon captured, bought off, and the process starts over. That there is an opening for Democrats is not perceived by them for reason that they were long ago captured and deformed by organized labor...a force that is now steadily losing its grip for lack of oxygen to their few brain cells.