Saturday, January 16, 2016

GOP Establishment Set to Back Trump to Stop Conservative, True Believer Cruz

I'd like to say I'm surprised.  RedState has an article today "The GOP Establishment Goes All In for Donald Trump" about how members of the Establishment are set to cut a deal with Donald Trump for their support.  In the article, "Streiff" from RedState pieces together several quotes showing GOP consultants and House Republicans are ready to line up behind Trump. 

Here are the reasons for the unholy alliance cited in the article:
1) Trump is merely an "opportunist" who they can "suck up to" and cut deals with. Cruz,
Donald Trump
however, is a true believer who would push the GOP establishment out of power.
2) Trump's political views lack substance and are malleable.   When people ask "where's the beef" when it comes to his views, the Establishment will be more than happy to provide that beef.
Streiff goes on to outline why he believes a Trump candidacy doesn't strike fear in the Establishment's heart:
... their objection to Trump is not based on anything that Trump stands for… to the extent we can presume to know what that may be… but rather on aesthetics. Trump is in their social circle. They go to the same parties. They play golf together. They belong to the same clubs and are on the boards of the same philanthropies. Trump is quintessential establishment. What they don’t like is his public (I say public because I’ve never met Trump and certainly never been around him in a private setting) persona. They don’t like his populism. They don’t like his seeking the adoration of the mob rather than ruling the mob. But, push come to shove, he is one of them, they are convinced they can deal with him because he really doesn’t have any guiding principles above self-interest. In other words, they are Trump but with better public manners.
Cruz, on the other hand, represents something they have never had to deal with: a man who actually believes what he is campaigning on.
The claim that Trump is a populist is where I part company with Streiff.   I have long argued that the GOP needs to move in a more populist direction, focusing on the concerns of working men and women instead of cozing up to the Wall Street and Chambers of Commerce.  Ilya Somin writing for the Volokh Conspiracy, says it best when he notes in his article "The Conservative Case Against Trump" that the New York businessman's "disdain for constitutional property rights and his long history of crony capitalism should also trouble conservatives, or indeed free market advocates of any kind."

Ever the opportunist,Trump is not riding a populist wave. Trump is instead riding the populist reaction to the GOP Establishment for so long ignoring the concerns of working men and women to focus on crony capitalism, i.e. taking money, directly and indirectly,from the pockets of ordinary folks to enrich corporate elites...people like Donald Trump.


Pete Boggs said...

Cutting a "deal" with the establishment won't help Trump or any candidate- it will be seen as treason.

Anonymous said...

Not bad. No use for Redstate, however....boy did they ever get religion. Establishment Republicans like their Indiana counterparts are not known for having any principles. They have practices and those practices center around looting.

Anonymous said... this particular feature of NR is useful. No good thing can come out of the Soprano State...

Anonymous said...

Neither one is likely to come close to winning in November. Trump, I suppose, provides the standard Tea Party out that the Republican's lost because they didn't nominate the "pure" conservative necessary to unite the movement and sweep to victory - thus providing another groundhog that will predict six more weeks of winter. I suppose that makes me favor Cruz, because he's about that last chance for a while to both lose and let a somewhat moderate Republican party emerge.

Anonymous said...

Cruz was born in Canada to a Canadian father. One can be a natural-born citizen of only one country.

Which is it for Ted?

Anonymous said...

Here's a must read for Paul and his "Christian" followers.

leon dixon said... But, he may have spent the first 50 years of his life so doing. RR was an FDR worshipper. He began breaking with FDR over Communism in the Democrat Party that he saw first hand in Hollywood when he was President of the Screen Actors Guild and represented the actors in labor matters. The record is a bit silent concerning the Jewish/Communist connections but Hollywood was a big time supporter of the latter. RR also was one of the first governors to be conned into signing abortion legislation permitting the murder of kids. He came to regret it but his signing off on the law was not the act of a conservative.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Trump is going to step down from all his holding and companies. Almost like clinton and her foundations. Not like he and his companies will be doing business around the world while he is president if elected

Stephen R. Diamond said...

Sarah Palin backs Trump; you, Paul, backed Palin for Vice President. Either you were wrong about Palin's morals or about her judgement.

Developments like Palin's endorsement prove that the (dying) Tea Party was primarily about immigration, which was then too politically incorrect to address. The same base of "Reagan Democrats" supported and supports each.