Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Republican Success in Off Year Elections Continue As Tea Party Bevin Wins Kentucky Governor's Race

Kentucky Governor-Elect
Matt Bevin
Republican Matt Bevin, the Tea Party favorite who lost to Kentucky Senator and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in the GOP Senate primary in 2014, has been elected Governor.  Bevin won the primary by only 83 votes and most polls showed state Attorney  General Jack Conway winning.  He will be only the second Republican Governor in Kentucky in four decades, the third since World War II.

The victory now gives the Republicans control of 32 state governor's offices.  Democrats will be down to 17 governors after Bevin is sworn in. There is also on independent governor, Bill Walker of Alaska.

This evening Republicans appear poised to continue its control of 69 of 99 state legislative chambers as well as complete control (all state legislative chambers and governor's office) in 24 states, including Indiana.  While the Democrats were expected to have a shot at picking up the state senate in Virginia, those hopes appear to be dashed this evening with the Democrats losing a key race.


Anonymous said...

Impressive for a party supported by a minority of Americans. Just goes to show what gerrymandering and rigging the rules in your favor can do for you.

Paul K. Ogden said...

What in the heck does gerrymandering have to do with the Democrats horrible performance in governorships including losing Kentucky last night?When the only thing you can win is the White House every four years there's a serious problem with the message. Democrats need to wake up. Their electoral problems are far worse than the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Your post was about governorships and state legislatures. Gerrymandering absolutely does affect state legislatures.

You ignored the "rigging the rules in your favor" part. For example, cutting back on early voting and regulating allowable forms of ID so that, for example, you can vote with a concealed carry permit but not with a student ID from a state university. Add to that efforts like "six Californias" and trying to apportion electoral college votes proportionally, but only in states that Democrats usually narrowly win.

I will concede that Republicans are far better at playing political games than are the Democrats. Too bad they don't have a platform that will better the nation. Must be because they spend all their time trying to figure out how to rig the system.

Leon Dixon said...

Well, the comment was directed at the Tea Party and it is a minority. Shallow thinkers, as in Indiana, would like to think that their electoral success should be credited to the Republican Party. They are fools. On the margin, it is the Tea Parties that make the difference and, in Indiana, the Republicans are pissing this away. See Indianapolis as a prime example? No energy in the Republican Party there even out in the Country Clubs.... As for our early rising friend, his comment lack reason or the ability to do so. When the Democrats put up even a nominal conservative with a Walrus mustache they became attractive but lost because their throwback to the bad old days, Vi Simpson, was toxic. Indiana leans conservative about 15 points to the RIGHT and that includes both political parties. So, if Dumbocraps wish to win they will have to swim in the sea God created in Indiana and recruit conservative Democrats....of which there are plenty.

Anonymous said...

"Dumbocraps" huh? You would rather keep political discourse at a third-grade level or below?

Paul K. Ogden said...

Anon 7:30, gerrymandering isn't something new the Republicans dreamed up. It's been around for 200 years. At one time, the Democrats control the House for 30 years plus due to gerrymandering. Both parties do it. You need to stop blaming gerrymandering for a Democratic message that is obviously failing to persuade voters.