Sunday, November 22, 2015

New Poll Results: Carson Falls While Trump Holds Steady; Cruz Rises

New polls are out, taken after the terrorist attack in Paris.
Sen. Ted Cruz

A poll by the ABC/Washington Post show New York businessman Donald Trump extending his lead over Ben Carson to 32% to 22%.  A Fox News poll released today has Trump's lead over the physician at 28% to 18%.  A previous ABC/Washington Post poll taken in the middle of October also showed Trump with 32% and Carson at 22%.  A Fox in early November had Trump at 26% and Carson at 23%.

In Iowa, a CBS/YouGov poll shows Trump with 30%, while Texas Senator Ted Cruz has jumped ahead of Carson 21% to 19%  Meanwhile Trump continues to dominate in New Hampshire with Florida Senator Marco Rubio next at 13% followed by Carson and Cruz who are tied at 10%.  According to the CBS poll, Trump also leads in South Carolina at 35%, followed by Carson with 19%, Rubio 16% and Cruz 13%.


Anonymous said...

Polling of today has as much future value as last month's sportscast. It also has little current value. Carson falls because conservatives desert him. Trump will fall when that occurs and not before.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Anon 10:38, hopefully that will happen soon because Trump's long history shows he isn't even remotely a conservative.