Monday, September 7, 2015

NBC Poll Shows Vice President Joe Biden Significantly Stronger General Election Candidate Than Hillary Clinton

A poll released on Sunday reveals the increasingly difficult road likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has to the White House.

The poll commissioned by NBC/Marist College, focused on Trump/Bush matchups with Clinton in early caucus/primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire, which also happen to be competitive, but
Vice President Joe Biden
Democratic leaning states.

In Iowa, Trump leads Clinton by 5% while Bush leads by 11%.  Republicans have not won Iowa since 2004.

In New Hampshire, Clinton leads Trump by 1% but is trailing Bush by 5%. Republicans have not won the Granite State since 2000.

Unfortunately, the poll didn't look at other matchups.  It would have been nice to see how Republican candidates like brain surgeon Ben Carson or Texas Senator Ted Cruz fared against Clinton.

The poll also shows, on the Democratic side, Clinton leading Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders 38-27 in Iowa but trailing 41-32 to Sanders in New Hampshire.

The poll also looked at Biden v. Trump/Bush matchups, finding the Vice President leads Donald Trump by 4% in Iowa and 9% in New Hampshire.  Bush, however, leads Biden by 2% in Iowa and 1% in New Hampshire.

In short, comparing Biden's appeal to Clinton's, when squared off against Republican candidates

Biden v. Trump (Iowa)  positive 9% swing
Biden v. Trump (New Hampshire) 8% swing
Biden v. Bush (Iowa) positive 9% swing
Biden v. Bush (New Hampshire) positive 4% swing

As a Republican, I've been saying Joe Biden would be a much tougher general election candidate than Hillary Clinton.  I think this polling confirms that.


Pete Boggs said...

His supporters will no doubt celebrate his candidacy with shotgun blasts from balconies & porches...

LamLawIndy said...

Well, with under 6 months left until the Iowa caucuses, I don't see how he can mount a challenge to Hillary.

Anonymous said...

More and more, the extremist left liberal Democrat Party seems populated and operated by old white men and old white woman of huge personal wealth affording almost all of them the "1%-er" status they so rant and rail against. Elizabeth Warren, no spry papoose herself, is reported to be worth about $15 Million! The deceiving "Fauxahontas" learned even before Rachel Dolezal the money and career position advantages of claiming to be something one is not. How many everyday Americans or illegal aliens let alone legal Americans can really identify with Bernie Sanders' reputed half-million dollar plus personal wealth?

But most pertinent to the blog article, I think back to Joe Biden's performance during his VP debate with the RINO Establishmentarian Paul Ryan, a "debate" made notable throughout with Biden's mocking facial cues and guffaws that would have been immediately challenged by any biased Candy Crowley-type if those rude looks and sounds had been directed against a liberal Democrat.

Although much can occur between now and the Conventions and the national elections Joe Biden is adept and very well known for using any means necessary to gain his political ends; his malapropisms will be forgiven by The National Democrat Media Machine and an ideologue extremist liberal Democrat Party ready for anyone other than Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Murdock says Biden will be the Democrat Party candidate.

The Drudge Report carries tags proclaiming "JOE RUNS!" (literally) and "BIDEN FIGHTS FOR 'THE WORKERS'..."

This extremist left liberal Democrat "fights for the workers"? Don't know about that. But I DO know he sure does not live like "the workers". He and his Doctor wife Jill (PhD, not MD) live a lavish life most of us cannot even dream of... check it out, his Versailles Palace type home in Wilmington, DE...

Take A Peak At Joe and Jill Biden's Sun King-Like Palatial Estate