Thursday, September 24, 2015

Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission Approves GOD Area Code for Indianapolis

Fox 59 reports:
Central Indiana residents are going to have to press an additional three numbers to make telephone calls a year from now.
The Indiana Office of Consumer Counselor says the Utility Regulatory Commission has approved a 463 area code that will overlay the existing 317 area code in the Indianapolis area. The 463 area code spells “IND” on a telephone keypad....
Uh, 463 also spells out "GOD" on the keypad.  I'm sure it was a coincidence but a funny coincidence at that.

The article notes that starting on September 17, 2016, all local calls made within the 317 area code will require the dialing of all 10 digits.


Pete Boggs said...

C'est bon!

Btownmoon said...

465 would have been easier for Indy area residents to remember and is available.