Monday, September 14, 2015

CBS Poll Shows Stunning Double Figure Lead for Sanders in Iowa, New Hampshire

A CBS poll released on Sunday reveals how tenuous former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's grasp is on the Democrat nomination.  The poll shows Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders up 10% on Clinton in Iowa (43-33) and an astonishing 22 points in New Hampshire (52-30).  It would appear that Hillary Clinton's declining poll numbers are tied to a loss of support among women.

When people talk about Vice President Joe Biden entering the race, they almost always discuss his taking on Clinton.   I think a more likely scenario is that Biden is drafted to replace a damaged Clinton as the Democratic establishment candidate.  Of course that envisions Clinton would do what is best for the Democratic Party by stepping aside for a stronger candidate.  That would seem contrary to Hillary Clinton's nature.

Meanwhile things are just as wacky on the Republican side.   According to the CBS poll, Dr. Ben Carson now trails Donald Trump by just four points in Iowa (29-25), but Trump leads second place Carson 40%-12% in New Hampshire.

Establishment favorite former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has just 3% in Iowa placing him eighth, in a tie with former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.  Bush is doing better in New Hampshire.   His 6% puts him in a tie with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.


Anonymous said...

It sure seems to this casual political observer that with the quickly evaporated huge lead Hillary Rodham Clinton enjoyed over just about any Dem POTUS candidate now proved to be lost- no doubt provable illegal email servers in her outbuilding closet or no- this woman has never had the "acclaim" and "adoration" of the left liberal Democrats as we have been led to believe by all types of news readers from the National Liberal Democrat Media Machine.

Of one thing I am certain, though--- this is an almost 70 year old woman far into the sunset of her "fame" and a woman who has less than zero charisma of the man whose coat tails she kept herself riding all these many decades.

Pete said...

I believe that most Democrats would stay in a country presided over by Clinton, Sanders, Warren or Biden. They are clearly different in style but all would lead consistent with what made us great. All would be behind the best choice, third term Obama, a choice denied us by voters in 1951 who had no idea things would be like this.

Of Republicans only Jeb would prevent a mass exodus. He would reduce it to a plain exodus.

LamLawIndy said...

Paul, a question: When do u believe that Hillary will go negative (& possibly nuclear) on Sanders? She's not going to just quit; this is her last chance to become President.

Paul K. Ogden said...

LamLawIndy, good question. I think we are a matter of a weeks away from an HC full frontal assault on Sanders. I would expect an attack within, say three weeks. HC will certainly hit Sanders hard on his support for gun rights. Not sure what other issues, but she'll try to drive a wedge between Sanders and his liberal supporters.

Anonymous said...

Hillary can't go nuclear on gun rights. The party won't let her. They need guns to carry Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida.

If she does, the party will back away from her, and she'll get a John Edwards retaliatory prosecution.