Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Anti-Establishment Conservatives Need to Wake Up and Realize Donald Trump is No Conservative

If there are 17 Republican candidates running for the White House (I lost count), former Florida Governor Jeb Bush would rank about 16th among my favorites.  However Bush does the GOP a service by outing Donald Trump (my 17th choice) for the liberal he is.  In a commercial released yesterday, Bush uses Trump's own words to reveal the New York businessman:
Donald Trump
  • Supports partial birth abortion and refers to himself as "very pro choice"
  • Believes in universal health care ("an entitlement from birth") and supports a single payer system
  • Supports "raising substantially" taxes on higher income people
  • Praises the talents of Hillary Clinton
  • Says he really likes the Clintons a lot
  • Has "no idea" why he is a Republican
Bush left out that Trump:
  • Supports government taking private property and giving it to business (the infamous Kelo decision).  He had his government friends attempt to seize an elderly woman's property which he wanted for limousine parking for his casino.
  • Apparently supports government's metadata collection of Americans' phone records without any sort of probable cause or reasonable suspicion
  • Donated to candidate Hillary Clinton, including for her 2008 presidential run. 
  • Won't agree to support the Republican nominee...if it is not him.
  • Didn't re-register as a Republican until April 2012.  Trump spent most of the 2000s as a registered Democrat.

Trump supporters will argue that his views, like Ronald Reagan's, changed.  But Reagan's views evolved over a period of time, when he was a young man.  Reagan had a long track record of conservative views before he ran for President.  Trump's views changed in his 60s, only on the threshold of running for the Republican nomination.  You'd have to be a fool to believe the conversion is real.

I get that Trump appeals to my Tea Party friends because the Establishment dislikes him so much.  I too want an anti-Establishment nominee.  (There are plenty of anti-Establishment CONSERVATIVE choices I might note.)  We certainly don't need to go down the road of Romney, McCain or another Bush ever again.  But that doesn't mean we conservative, anti-Establishment Republicans should completely throw away our values and instead embrace a liberal candidate better suited to run as a Democrat.  It's time to sober up and kick faux-conservative Donald Trump to the Republican curb.


LamLawIndy said...

With all due respect, Paul, Mr. Trump wants to keep the Federal Reserve intact. Whether one believes that monetary policy should be controlled by unelected mandarins or not, wanting to preserve the Fed is the ultimate test of whether one is "Establishment" or not.

Anonymous said...

The country needs to try something different. Electing politicians is a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

"Realize Donald Trump is No Conservative" nope but he sure does fit in well with a bunch of liars, hypocrites and sociopaths