Monday, August 24, 2015

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Screens Planned Parenthood Videos for Protesters

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal had a classic response when Planned Parenthood supporters showed up at the Governor's residence to protest his canceling the state's Medicaid contract with the organization.  Governor Jindal set up big screens on his law to show PP supporters the Center for Medical Progress' videos detailing Planned Parenthood activities.  Needless to say, PP supporters were so horrified by the videos they moved their protest to where they couldn't see or hear the videos.

Bottom line is Planned Parenthood suckers a whole lot of well-meaning people who believe the opposition to PP is about opposition to women's health services.  No, it is about the fact PP is the biggest provider of abortions in the country, a good quarter of those abortions are gruesome second term abortions.  PP's real goal is to continue its near monopoly on government grants for such services, a monopoly that squeezes out other non-profits which could provide such services to women, sans abortion.


Pete Boggs said...

These faux-testers are reality dodgers who can't handle the truth of what they promote; the ghoul standard "work product" of Panned / Banned Parenthood, exposed by these videos.

Anonymous said...

What Paul said.

Susan McKee said...

Fact: abortion is legal.

Fact: no tax dollars fund abortions

PPFA is the largest U.S. provider of reproductive health services, with 97% of its clinical interactions focused on breast and cervical cancer screening, HIV screening and counseling, contraception, and 3% on abortion.

So, yes, opposition to Planned Parenthood is opposition to reproductive health services.

As for Bobby Jindal: he's an "anchor baby" railing against "anchor babies". Hypocrisy is his middle name.

Paul K. Ogden said...
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Paul K. Ogden said...


There is an ongoing debate in this country about whether abortion on demand should be the law, through 6 months if not 9 months of a woman's pregnancy. Certainly there is overwhelming opposition to tax dollars going for abortion. The fact is money is fungible. If you say you'll pay my mortgage but no other bill that means very little. It frees up more money to pay for other bills. Taxpayer funding other PP services frees up money for PP to do abortions. So taxpayers subsidize abortions indirectly. It's still subsidization.

PP does not even own a mammogram machine. So the notion that the organization does breast cancer screenings is a stretch. The 97% figure totally comes from PP and can be trusted as much as any other information that comes from PP - which is to say, not at all.

No one is opposed to PP because it offers women's health services. They are opposed to PP because it is the largest provider of abortion in the country. This issue is entirely about abortion...and now selling fetal body parts.

Bottom line is if PP does nothing wrong, supporters would not have been grossed out by videos showing what PP does. But they were.

Pete Boggs said...

Panned / Banned Parenthood's funding is fungible; meaning Susan's assertion is wrong, as they funnel tax dollars which is illegal. And, why would conflicted proponents refer to anyone as an anchor baby vs. "anchor tissue?" Defending these videos is defending barbarism.

Jindals parents are immigrants; meaning they came here legally, vs. those who are illegal aliens.

It's just a matter of time; until parents of these mutilated souls pursue criminal & civil action against these butchering profiteers.

Susan McKee said...


Abortion is legal. Full stop.

Your other statements are also misleading.

Primary care physicians and gynecologists don't perform mammograms: hospitals own that kind of expensive and exquisitely complex equipment.

Planned Parenthood performs gynecological exams, including breast exams, and refers women to other facilities to have mammograms performed, much like women are referred to radiological centers by their gynecologists or primary care physicians.

Susan McKee said...


You're so ill informed it's hard to know where to begin.

Jindal's parents applied for citizenship based on his being born in the US (the definition of an anchor baby).

Surgery (including abortion) is a bloody, messy business. I wouldn't want to see videos of open heart surgery either.

Planned Parenthood is not selling body parts but (in a few states) providing fetal tissue for medical research at the express consent of the mother. There is no profiteering involved.

Pete Boggs said...

Susan: Grasp the concept of law. Fraud & murder are illegal. Go to your locally hyper-subsidized library & "read more about it."

Pete Boggs said...

Susan: You're defending the indefensible; the insane, wicked & criminal.

Susan McKee said...


You need to do your research. Abortion is legal. Providing fetal tissue for medical research is legal.

There's no fraud or murder involved in either.