Sunday, August 30, 2015

An Easy Way to Stop the Mass Shootings - Stop Giving the Shooters Publicity

Several years ago, Major League baseball struggled with the problem of fans running onto the field. MLB leaders eventually solved the problem.  How did they do it?  More security?  Harsh prosecutions of the offenders?  None of the above.  They got the networks to agree to stop broadcasting people leaving the stands and running across the field.  The theory was that the people were doing it for publicity and that if you don't give them the publicity they won't do it.

What motivates every mass shooter?  Publicity.  They do it because they want themselves and what they did featured prominently on CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC and the regular networks.  The shooters want to be the news for that day and often for the several days that follow.  The TV networks dutifully comply in giving the shooters what they want.

You cut off the publicity, at least the TV coverage, and the acts stop.   I know the government can't mandate that the TV networks not publicize these shootings, but those networks are certainly free to do so on their own.  Granted it would be difficult for the cable networks to not cover a shooting, but they need to acknowledge their own role in giving the shooters the very publicity that feeds the next act.

More gun restrictions won't make one bit of difference.  Any of the shooters determined to get the publicity will easily get a gun, illegally if they have to.  But you take away the publicity and the shootings will stop.  Guaranteed.


Tatiana Neroni said...


Nicolas Martin said...

What evidence do you have that many such killings are motivated by the desire for publicity?

Anonymous said...

An interesting idea, Mr. Ogden. Perhaps local Indy media can provide national media outlets a few lessons on how to "guide" the news.

waiting4justice said...

My comment I know has nothing to do with this article, which was great by the way.

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Paul K. Ogden said...

Of course, Anon 8:15, the trouble with the coverage of the mass shootings is that the coverage is affecting what is happening.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Nicolas, not sure what proof you have that these were intended to be private acts. Common sense would seem that since they're engaging in the very public act of shooting groups of people en masse, acts that have garnered considerable publicity in the past, that they are doing it to get publicity.