Thursday, July 23, 2015

New Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Trailing Republican Rivals in Swing States of Colorado, Iowa and Virginia

Doeg Schoen Forbes reports on a growing crisis reflected in likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's latest polling numbers:
Quinnipiac University’s latest polling results indicate a sharply diminished outlook for Clinton. For the first time, she is trailing her top GOP rivals in the critical swing states of
Colorado, Iowa and Virginia. And her honesty and trustworthy ratings are in free fall.
Clinton is now lagging behind Senator Marco Rubio, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush in head-to-head match-ups by widening margins of two percentage points up to nine points. More specifically, the Republican front runners lead Clinton by the widest margins in Colorado and Iowa, by five to nine points, and are slightly ahead in closer races in Virginia by two to three points.
But the bad news doesn’t end there. In all three states, Clinton’s rating a strong leader has dropped by between four and ten points compared to earlier data. Clinton is barely above 50 percent in this key category in Colorado, Iowa, and Virginia, underscoring voters’ perception of her questionable leadership abilities.
Brutally negative favorability ratings in each critical state, 35% favorable to 56% unfavorable in Colorado, 33% to 56% in Iowa, and 41% to 50% in Virginia, reflect poorly on her candidacy thus far.
I am a bit amazed that the Establishment Democrats are not more concerned.  While the Bernie Sanders phenomenon appears to have maxed out support among Democrats, unfortunately for Democrats that doesn't seem to be because Clinton has strengthened her campaign.
Schoen goes on to discuss the need for Clinton to answer questions and do a better job of engaging voters and the media.
Given the bleakness of Quinnipiac’s latest polls, voters have resoundingly indicated that they expect a higher level of responsiveness out of the candidate. The process toward achieving this will surely involve some change in Clinton’s style. I know as well as anybody that she won’t do a complete about face, but even a little more openness will go a long way with voters who are questioning her trustworthiness and honesty. She owes Americans that.
And if the media is going to write more approvingly of her candidacy she needs to be more open, accessible and available. It’s just that simple.
I just don't think Clinton can pull off the transformation.  Hillary simply does not have the extrovert personality or political skills of her husband. 


Anonymous said...

Hillary is an angry feminist and believes she's entitled to the White House because of her anatomy.

She's done nothing that wasn't given to her by Bill, and she has no plan. She just wants to be President.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton is more than an angry feminist, she is a fraud far more duplicitous than Richard Nixon was ever alleged to be. I do not at all believe she cares about my LGBT community, Black Americans, poor Americans, "Hispanics", illegals, etc.

What I do believe this aged woman far past her sell-by date only cares about is money and power. She cares for nothing but her acquisition and retention of more... money and power.

Flogger said...

McMega-Media is doing it's best to down play Bernie Sanders Campaign. Bernie is drawing crowds far in excess of Clinton or any Republican. You hardly hear about the crowds Sanders is pulling in. Sanders is the real deal, the items on his platform have been part of his core values.

Even though Hillary has been campaigning since 2008 she has to constantly reboot her campaign. The facts seem to be in people do not trust Hillary Clinton. Hillary is trying to appeal to the Left, but for people like myself and other people on the Left we know her as a phoney. Hillary can shape shift and triangulate all she wants, her campaign is failing.

RhondaLeeBaby69 said...

No matter. If Bernie beats Hillary (I certainly hope he does), he will mop the floor with whoever makes their way out of the GOP bracket.