Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hogsett's Early Commercials in Indy Mayoral Race Likely About Cutting Off Contributions to His GOP Opponent

According to Campaign 101 there are periods of time when the electorate pays attention to politics and that running political advertising outside those periods is very ineffective.  In Indiana those windows are generally the six week period leading up to the early May primary and eight week period (after Labor Day) leading up to the November general election. 

Former U.S. Attorney and former Secretary of State Joe Hogsett was the overwhelming favorite going into the May Democratic primary.  Yet the well-funded candidate  didn't run any advertising against his token opposition. The thought was that Hogsett was saving his powder for the general election.

Now just a few weeks after the primary and more than five months before the November election, Hogsett has begun running commercials.

My guess is Hogsett and his advisers didn't flunk Campaign 101 but there is a solid strategy to the early commercial release.  I suspect that strategy is about discouraging Republican donors from even considering contributing to his opponent Chuck Brewer, money the Republican desperately needs to be competitive.  GOP donors, seeing Hogsett running commercials in early June, may well decide to focus on other races. 


Anonymous said...

If the MCRCC desperately needs money to be competitive with their risible Chuckie Brewer campaign, they should have allowed the people to come up with a candidate through an open and HONEST selection process.

NO (repeat: nada, nil, zip, zero) local GOP campaign donations from this Republican. Not for ANY local Republican candidate [take note, all you "R's" in the County as I am not the only one who feels this way) who supports Kyle Walker (and by "Kyle Walker" I mean to still in-charge of Marion County crooked politics David Brooks and Bob Grand).

Unigov said...

"Safety and Education"

Education is a state function - it rightfully has nothing to do with the mayor's office.

As for safety - wtf has Hogsett done to prosecute the worst wrongdoers of all - Ballard and his henchman?

Anonymous said...

Republican candidate is multi millionaire as announced by county party before name was known. What is reality?