Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Star Columnist Tully Demonstrates Intellectual Dishonesty Again In Latest Diatribe Against RFRA

Matt Tully once again demonstrates that when it comes to writing a political column, intellectual honesty takes a back seat to promotion of his and the Star's agenda. This time the target is a favorite of the Star, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  Tully writes:
Matt Tully
As it turns out, we can't wish RFRA away.
No, the damage done by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act lives on. And it's costing Indiana in ways critical to its economy.
If you doubt that, consider a recent email Indiana State Fair Commission executive director Cindy Hoye sent to local convention, business, political and community leaders. In the email, Hoye noted with disappointment that Indianapolis recently lost out on a bid to become the 2018 and 2019 convention host for the International Association of Fairs and Expositions. That organization bills its massive four-day convention as the nation's "largest event serving fairs, shows, exhibitions, and expositions."
"The IAFE Board was presented pros and cons about each destination," Hoye wrote. "RFRA was listed as a negative to choosing Indy and the IAFE Board voted to take their convention to San Antonio. … More work must continue."
A quick three second Google search reveals that Texas also has the RFRA.   Of course, Tully never mentions this fact in his column which would have been the intellectually honest thing to do. Likewise Tully apparently never bothered to ask Hoye about this fact or to even demand Hoye provide some proof of her claim.  Hoye's statement fits Tully and the Star's agenda, so why question it?

Tully goes on to say that in order to stay competitive in attracting conferences such as the IAFE's Indiana needs to expand its anti-discrimination law that includes sexual orientation.

You know what Texas does not have? An anti-discrimination law that includes sexual orientation.

How long is Indy going to have to put up with a political columnist who has no interest in sparking community conversation with an honest presentation of the facts?


Tim Zank said...

Sadly, to answer your exit question, Indy will have to tolerate Tully and his intellectual dishonesty for quite some time as he is completely "in line" with ownership's progressively dogmatic views.

Anonymous said...

Squawking of the in-Tully-rant

Greg Wright said...

Matthew Tully = Baghdad Bob.
Check it out and visit the following image

Anonymous said...

Indianapolis has an anti-discrimination ordinance, so that cannot be used as an excuse for not coming. The ones who do not feel welcome are people of faith.

Pete Boggs said...

Let's scribe a regular watch column; The Tully Whacker.

Anonymous said...

Does one have to actually be an intellectual in order to be "intellectually dishonest"?

Tully fails miserably on the former while excelling on the latter. He and Valerie are the perfect pair.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what Tully writes? "Nobody" reads The Star anyway.

That said, RFRA was bad for the Hoosier state despite your protestations to the contrary.

"The Christian Right’s stranglehold on the GOP remains so strong that Gov. Mike Pence is afraid to offend them no matter how much economic damage they bring to his state."

And damage will be ongoing until the voters wake up and vote the bums out.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Anon 8:51, the "economic damage" to the State, if any, was done by people who deliberately misrepresented what the law does.