Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bill Oesterle as Governor or GOP Savior? No, Hell No

Bill Oesterle, CEO, Angie's List
The Gannett Star is jumping at the chance to promote departing Angie's List CEO Bill Oesterle as a primary challenger to Governor Mike Pence, or if not, at least a force to rebrand Indiana's Republican Party.  Oesterle, of course, was one of the outspoken opponents of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and supposedly withdrew his plans for downtown Indianapolis expansion (and turned down $18.5 million in tax dollars) because of the law.  Of course, nobody except a few reporters seriously believes Oesterle's claim that his decision had anything to do with RFRA.  Almost certainly it was because of the strong possibility that the $18.5 million subsidy that would help fund the expansion wouldn't have passed the council and that there will be an attempt to sell the company.  Oesterle's resignation only highlights that speculation, especially in light of Amazon's expansion into Angie's List territory.

The notion that the Indiana GOP is in turmoil and has to be "saved" by Oesterle is absurd.  The GOP has every statewide office, except one U.S. Senate seat, and has supermajorities in the Senate and House.   Yet the media can't help themselves in asserting that Indiana Republicans are on the wrong track and need a new governor and/or a savior.

Up steps Bill Oesterle.

Oesterle for Governor?  Give me a break.  He wouldn't get any of the social conservative vote in a Republican Party primary, which is a significant chunk of the GOP electorate.  As far as fiscal conservatives go, why would they vote for the CEO of a company who in 20 years never was able to turn a profit?  Not only that, Oesterle's has twice in the last four years come forward demanding that state and local officials give his company tens of millions of dollars.  Oesterle expected taxpayers to subsidize his failures as CEO.

Of course, you also have the pending shareholder and consumer fraud lawsuits against Oesterle.  Warnings have exited for years about Angie's List business model, not only that it was hopelessly outdated, but that it relies on shaking down contractors for money.  Certainly fingers are pointing at Oesterle in those lawsuits. 

Oesterle has no chance whatsoever to beat Governor Mike Pence in a primary.  We are more likely to get a snowstorm in July.  What is the point of being able to raise money if you have no voters to attract?

I'm sure Republicans will welcome Oesterle to be part of the always ongoing debate about the future of the GOP.   Republicans are, after all, a welcoming bunch.  But Oesterle as Governor or savior of the party?  No, hell no.


Anonymous said...

where's Eric Miller when we need him?

Anonymous said...

The only Republicans who like Oesterle are Downtown, Carmel, Geist and Medidian Street money interests who view the government and business as a conjoined organism and stand to get richer from Oesterle having the purse strings.

Nobody else in the state would care for him, one bit.

Indiana so-called capitalists would fail in any real economy in which they had to fight their own way in a competitive marketplace.

Anonymous said...

Bill Oesterle should just admit he is a big spending, big government statist like he BFF Mitch Daniels! Stop being a lying weasel Oesterle!

Anonymous said...

LOL The only place in Indiana the Republican Party is in turmoil is Marion County. The Marion County Republican Party should be Cardwell's first "project".

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:33, JEFF CARDWELL?!? Seriously? Are you kidding me?!?

Jeff Cardwell is the ultimate crony RINO Marion County Republican insider who long ago sold his very soul to the likes of David Brooks, Bob Grand, Tom John, and the owners of the big law firms. As a City Councilor, I believe Mr. Cardwell has been virtually the most instrumental figure behind the scenes and on the Council floor in getting special interest deals through the Council for the many crooked attorney and developer interests championed by the ignorant Greg Ballard. Jeff Miller has been at sea not having Cardwell on the Council floor telling Miller how to vote.

Mr. Cardwell's oleaginous persona has been the perfect asset as he's squeezed himself to State level... and his long-time BFF status with our wooden governor has been a plus as well.

How the hell you think Jeff Cardwell would make a priority of "fixing" the diseased Marion County GOP political system he is nothing more than a symptom of is the thought of the uninformed. I know Jeff Cardwell and he is an embedded crony who is part and parcel of the "turmoil" you describe in that honest grass roots County Republicans are trying to wrest the local and state Party from the insiders who are controlled by attorney crooks like David Brooks, Brian Bosma, and Murray Clark (and others) who are all too happy to be on the payrolls of the people like Ersal Ozdemir, Alex Carroll, and perhaps even the aging gubernatorial pretty-boy Bill Oesterle.

Anonymous said...

Oestrle is a breeder who cannot tolerate anyone different from him.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:26.... Sorry you did not pick-up on the half irony in my statement. My bad.

Yes Cardwell will not fix anything, in fact because he IS from Marion County he will only put the state party in the same mess. He will be a short timer at the state party because real conservatives will not put up with the "Marion County Way".