Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rep. Justin Moed Owes Taxpayers An Apology for His Support of Corporate Welfare Scheme

By now, virtually every politically active person in Indianapolis knows that southside Democratic State Representative Justin Moed is the latest politician to be entrapped in the web of Sydney "Is My 15 Minutes of Fame Up Yet?" Leathers.  The Indianapolis Star reports:
Indiana Rep. Justin Moed is apologizing for sexting with Sydney Leathers, the Evansville woman at the center of the 2013 Anthony Weiner sexting scandal.   
"I am truly sorry I have hurt the ones I love most with my poor judgment. I am committed to rebuilding trust with my family and my community. This is a private matter and I ask for it to be treated as such. I apologize to my constituents and to everyone I have let down," Moed said in a written statement sent to The Indianapolis
Sydney Leatthers
Moed, who is engaged to be married in September, did not return a call for comment Tuesday. 
The Star story notes how Leathers has tried to stay in the public eye to keep her "career" alive:
Leathers told The Star in a profile published last year that she was in school, "a couple semesters away" from an associate degree in radio and TV, and was still trying to use her notoriety to keep her adult-film career alive after appearing in four X-rated videos.
Despite her background, Leathers has no problem passing moral judgment on politicians who she says are "displaying poor judgment" by sexting with her.

I'll have to admit I don't understand the appeal of sexting.  Maybe I lack imagination, but it seems extremely boring and pointless to me.  As far as Moed's apparent interest in being insulted and told what to do, from what I hear from my married male friends, Moed's fiancé would have been more than happy to meet that need after they wed this Fall.  Of course, now the wedding may be off.

Thanks for the apology, Justin, but it wasn't needed. While you certainly owe your fiancé an apology and perhaps some very expensive jewelry for your electronic tryst with Ms. Leathers, you don't owe the public a damn thing.  Your private life is your private life.

You do, however, owe the public the public an apology for another reason.  HB 1273 would result in Indianapolis taxpayers being forced pay to build and operate a downtown soccer stadium for multi-millionaire businessman Ersal Ozdemir.   It is a disgusting, corporate welfare scheme that hurts working men and women in favor of yet another extremely wealthy Indianapolis sports team owner.  And you, Rep. Moed, are a co-author of the bill. 

Rep. Moed., you don't owe the public an apology for being in bed with Ms. Leathers.  You do, however, owe the public an apology for being in bed with Mr. Ozdemir.


Nicolas Martin said...

Moed's fiancé should engage in deep introspection regarding his wretched taste in women.

Anonymous said...

Interesting point and an apt way to put it, Paul, about Moed being in bed with Ersal Ozdemir, Keystone Construction magnate and campaign donor extraordinaire. Other guys rolling under the sheets with the Turkish man are Greg Ballard, Brian Bosma, and House Ethics {ethics?!?) Committee Chairman Greg Steuerwald, to name only a few. Ersal pays well for his male escorts it seems. So... I guess men being in bed with men is something a lot of guys are willing to do more than we know. As an "out" man, I am amused that the aforementioned are kind-of-like that gay-for-pay thing where the ostensibly straight arrows(insofar as "ethics" are concerned) always have their price.

Anonymous said...

"Rep. Moed., you don't owe the public an apology for being in bed with Ms. Leathers. You do, however, owe the public an apology for being in bed with Mr. Ozdemir." I agree 100%.

Anonymous said...

C_ck soccer!

Anonymous said...

That's 2 Democrats she's taken out.

I'm waiting for CBS/ABC/CNN/MSNBC to claim she's a Tea Party operative....

Anonymous said...

She's a T&A party operative.