Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Years After Leaving Office Former Prosecutor Carl Brizzi Continues Campaign Spending

Four years after leaving office and eight years after his last campaign, former Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi continues his campaign spending.  His annual report filed today showed his campaign committee spent $13,790 in 2014.  Many are contributions to other candidates which are perfectly legitimate expenditures.  Others, however, raise eyebrows for someone who hasn't been a candidate for four years.  These expenditures include:

Former Marion County
Prosecutor Carl Brizzi
Elizabeth (Shrout) Smith, listed as campaign finance manager, received 13 payments totally $6,500.  She is listed on LinkedIn as being a legal assistant/paralegal for Carl Brizzi's law office as well as two others law firms.  LinkedIn also shows her as being a law student .
Payments were made to Verizon for a cell phone in the total amount of $2,316.86.  $144 was paid to Asurion for electronic device insurance, presumably for the phone.  $39.90 went to TownPlace Suites located in Fort Wayne for lodging. $1206.25 went to Minted, LLC, which appears to be a stationary and gift card business located in San Francisco.   Postal expenses were $458.75.

Interestingly Republican Brizzi did donate $500 to the campaign of David Hennessy who ran as an unslated candidate for judge in the 2012 Democratic primary.

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Unknown said...

The way I read this, they know Brizzi got the money and they know his office exhibited unusual behavior that benefited people close to those who paid the money when it is necessary, but are unwilling to try to prosecute because they don't have the actual quid pro quo agreement established. It seems like there was a crime, but they found out too late to use an undercover agent or phone tap to get the evidence that they need.