Sunday, January 25, 2015

Leading Indianapolis Republican Mayoral Candidates Show No Interest in Courting Conservative Voters

Chuck Brewer
Today on This Week in Indianapolis, WRTV anchor Rafael Sanchez interviewed the two leading Republican candidates for mayor, businessman Chuck Brewer and Deputy Mayor Olgen Williams.  What is significant for conservatives is that both indicated that they would continue with Mayor Ballard's priorities, which has included proposals like building a cricket field and massive corporate welfare subsidies to politically-connected campaign donors. 

Brewer, in particular, expressed support for the Justice Center, apparently oblivious (or not caring) about all the graft that has already been exposed on the project, the lack of transparency in violation of Indiana law, the inflated cost created by having a private company needlessly to act as landlord, and the horrible revisions to the original plan that eliminates office space for prosecutors and public defenders who then would have to commute daily from their downtown offices.

Olgen Williams
In offering support for Mayor Ballard's agenda, neither Brewer or Williams expressed any disagreement with Ballard's support for more than 40 tax and fee increases during his seven years in office.  It appears that Brewer and Williams have no plans to court fiscal conservatives who have grown tired of giving the most liberal big spending, big taxing, big borrowing mayor in Indianapolis history a pass because he has "Republican" on his jersey.

By Brewer and Williams positioning themselves as supporters of Ballard's misplaced priorities and tax, borrow and spend policies, they have opened the door for Hogsett to simply run a repeat of his successful 1990 Secretary of State campaign.  In that race, Hogsett held his base while successfully appealing to fiscal conservatives by attacking Hudnut's tripling of the Marion County option income tax.  Brewer and Williams saying they'll replicate Ballard's policies puts the proverbial ball on the tee for Hogsett to knock out of the political park.


Anonymous said...

would it be more correct to say they aren't courting what you define as "conservatives"?

Paul K. Ogden said...

Anon 9:14 pm., no, I'd say it is Brewer and Williams are not courting what anyone would define as a conservative. There is positively nothing "conservative" about the way Ballard ran the city. Constantly raising taxes and fees on citizens to hand out more and more subsidies to politically-connected companies is not a "conservative" approach to government. Examples: Broad Ripple Parking Garage, Regional Operating Center, Justice Center, City Way, East Market, handouts to the Colts and Pacers, subsidies to Angie's List, Navistar and the parking meter deal. Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

Pete Boggs said...

There is but one, fiscally relevant & simple measure of our morbidly proportioned government. It's either grown by higher fees / taxes or is smaller by lowering the same; in real, net measurable terms, not mystic metrics at obscure margins. In real or adjusted dollars, are we paying more for government or less.

Cost of government is a quality of life issue. Unelected, taxing units of government have multiplied like rabbits under the half pregnant illusion of public / private partnerships. These entities act unConstitutionally & independently; with an unconscionable, perpetual insistence that they're the only entity placing a tax on the lives (in addition to state & federal beasts), income & property of sovereign citizens, who've had enough of that crap.

Republicans have only a muffled claim as the party of smaller, restrained & responsible government; not the credentials.

Unfortunately, they've abandoned their base & joined the "cool kids" or statist caste in their support for government's expanded waste line & role as Santa Cause. We don't need two parties of big government; when the professional version is on the verge of destroying the country.

Where do the "elites" plan on living after they've ruined the country? Do they think there's a Constitutionally conscious, in tact alternative somewhere & for how long will it be that in a post America world?

Think global act local, means we need real, net, bold & measurable change. Margin tinkering won't cut it.

Pete Boggs said...

Here's an article that appeared today. "Elites" are scurrying to arrange their hiding places:

How does this work once they're visited by those unimpressed with their lack of an army, but planning to redistribute their "holdings?"

How many of the "privileged" are destined to become part of the left behind, as they're no longer useful in serving their masters?

If we'd only recall it; America is a unique ideal, which binds us together in the greatest possibilities of liberty.

Anonymous said...

When given the chance, voters will always cast their votes for the real Democrat.

Brewer and Williams think that if they present themselves as Democrats they increase their electability. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.

McCain and Romney gave us liberal leftist Democrat Obama. If either wins the Primary, Brewer and Williams will give us liberal Democrat Hogsett and all the corruption that goes with the "D's" in power.

The county may be trending Democrat but that is no excuse for alleged "Republicans" to run as Democrats.

Run bold, give the people a choice, give the people some meat on the bone and many will vote for that candidate regardless of party affiliation.

All Brewer and Williams offer is more of the same failure Ballard and the MCRCC have provided for about eight years.

And thank you, David Brooks, for effing up many of the formerly safe Marion County "R" voting districts to favor your wife's vote count. When will local GOP wake up to the fact you screwed us all over royally to get Susie into DC???!?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:44 says what many have been thinking: What David Brooks may really have accomplished was to royally screw over County Republicans with his vote redistricting in order to get Susie into DC.

And Ryan Vaughn paid Brooks over $200,000 to do that without full disclosure to Vaughn's Party or to his Council.