Saturday, December 13, 2014

Star Columnist Mentions "Leading" Leading Indianapolis Republican Mayoral Candidates

Indianapolis Star Columnist Russ Pulliam pens a column about the quest for a Republican candidate to continue Mayor Ballard's RINO agenda:
All they want for Christmas is another Greg Ballard.
Marion County Republicans need someone to match up with former U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett in next year’s race for mayor.   
An eager, ambitious candidate is hard to find.
“I can’t back somebody who doesn’t want to run,” says influential Republican attorney Bob Grand. 
Stop right there.  If Barnes & Thornburg Bob Grand enthusiastically backs someone it is for one Grand's agenda is simply more corporate welfare for his law firm and his clients and if taxes need to be jacked up on hard working men and women to do it, he has absolutely no problem with that.
reason and one reason only...he's trying to buy the office and will expect to control like a puppet whomever is elected.  The legacy of the Ballard administration is that from Day 1, Ballard turned his administration over to the profiteers like Grand and the taxpayers have paid a steep price because of that. 

Of course, Grand is widely despised in many if not most conservative corners of Indiana.  His mere association with a campaign turns off a lot of rank and file Republicans.  If you think not, one need only take a look at Marion Mayor Wayne Seybold's campaign for Treasurer.  He should have won easily, but his association with Grand and Attorney Dan Dumezich, Lake County's version of Grand, sunk his quest for victory at the 2014 Republican convention held in Fort Wayne .  Unfortunately, the beneficiary of the Grand/Dumezich backlash, Treasurer-elect Kelly Mitchell, immediately sold out and began accepting Grand's financial help after Seybold lost  That's the way Grand works.  If he bets on the wrong side in the election, he tries to buy the winner during the transition.  We saw that with Ballard's election victory in 2007.

Unfortunately, conservative Pulliam has a peculiar blindspot when it comes to Bob Grand who has become rich off of taxpayer money driven by a RINO, anti-conservative agenda.  Pulliam has previously penned a warm and fuzzy piece about Grand.  Apparently Pulliam thinks that a man lining his and his friends with millions of our tax dollars is "generous" when a few dollars are kicked back to charity.

Next, Pulliam turns his attention to Republicans he apparently he hopes will run:
Possible Republican candidates have included state Sen. Jim Merritt and Southside civic
Jeff Cardwell
leader Jeff Cardwell, who is now a top staff member with Gov. Mike Pence.
Cardwell has a long record of community service, helping build homes for needy families, as well as leadership in economic development on the Southside. “Cardwell is a successful businessman,” says former GOP county chairman Mike Murphy. “It is enticing to have a mayor who has actually run a business. He’s humble. He gets along with people. He has a lot of integrity.” 
I've written about Cardwell before.  Yes, the man I knew before 2007 had integrity.  He stood up to the corrupt GOP establishment.  He backed non-slated candidates and stood for conservative values.  Then something happened to Cardwell when he got elected.  He tossed aside his fiscal conservative background to become one of the biggest supporter of more taxes on Indy residents and of more corporate welfare.  If Cardwell voted against any of Mayor Ballard's 40 plus tax and fee increases (which now includes an internet tax and increase in the storm water fees) or the mayor's corporate welfare proposals, I'm not aware of it.  I've never seen a politician transform almost overnight and unfortunately in a negative way,  as Cardwell did.

Of course, Pulliam also mentions State Senator Jim Merritt.  Merritt has been a fervent supporter of everything Mayor Ballard did and chaired his 2011 re-election campaign.  If Pulliam thinks Indy conservatives are going to enthusiastically back Merritt he is in for a big surprise.

Sen. Jim Merritt
Contrary to what Pulliam apparently thinks, Mayor Ballard's record of corporate welfare and never ending tax increases was something that made him incredibly vulnerable.  Democratic mayoral candidate Joe Hogsett undoubtedly sensed that Ballard running for re-election gave him an enormous opportunity to put together a coalition of Democrats and fiscally conservative Republicans, wearing of Ballard's tax increases and reckless spending,  to win.  That's exactly the strategy Hogsett employed against another Bill Hudnut, when he defeated the popular Indianapolis Mayor in his race for Secretary of State in 1990.

My guess is that neither Cardwell or Merritt will run. Both have seen the electoral numbers in the county and know it was an uphill climb.  Both would be stained by a Ballard record that could easily be ripped apart by an even semi-skilled opponent, assuming he or she is properly funded which Hogsett will surely be.


Flogger said...

I feel fairly confident that NO Democrat will Rip Ballard apart on Corporate Welfare, or Crony-Capitalism. There maybe some muttering from a Democrat Candidate for Mayor on taxes in general. However, we can be sure that the specific tax dollars funneled into the Pockets of the Pacers and Colts as well as other selected Crony-Capitalists for Downtown will not be mentioned.

It is not that a Democrat Candidate is not skilled enough to attack the Ballard record they know enough not to.

Anonymous said...

As no one leads, the party bleeds...