Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Indianapolis Posts Sixth Coldest November on Record, Coldest Since 1976

Last month, Indianapolis posted the sixth coldest November on record.  Here is the chart from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA):
           Year  Temp
           ----  ----
           1880  31.1
           1976  34.6
           1959  35.5
           1951  35.5
           1872  35.5
           2014  35.9
           1950  36.4
           1911  36.9 
           1873  36.9 
           1995  37.0

The Weather Channel notes many of the records set during the bone-chilling November we just experienced:
Thanks to a procession of cold fronts tapping air from Siberia and the North Pole in mid-November, 
several locations witnessed one of their coldest Novembers on record:

Record coldest November: Marquette (Negaunee Township), Michigan; Rhinelander, Wisconsin
- One of top three coldest Novembers: Alma, Georgia (2nd coldest); Jacksonville and Wauchula, Florida 
(each 3rd coldest)

Other locations chalked up a daily low temperature that set a record for the month of November, including:

- Casper, Wyoming: -27 (Nov. 12) and -26 (Nov. 13) each was colder than previous record of -21 
(Nov. 23, 1985)

- Burlington, Colorado: -10 (Nov. 13) bested previous record of -3 (Nov. 30, 2006) 

- Redmond, Oregon: -17 (Nov. 15) and -19 (Nov. 16) each was colder than previous record of -14 
(Nov. 15, 1955) 

- Joplin, Missouri: 6 (Nov. 18) bested previous record of 7 (Nov. 29, 1976)

Many other records were set for the coldest temperatures (highs or lows) so early in the season, including:

- Denver: Lows of -13 on Nov. 12 and -14 on Nov. 13

 - Lubbock, Texas: High of 27 on Nov. 12 

- Charleston, West Virginia: Low of 12 on Nov. 19 

- Charlotte, North Carolina: Low of 14 on Nov. 19 

- Jacksonville, Florida: Low of 24 on Nov. 20 

- Macon, Georgia: Earliest teens on record (17 on Nov. 19); previous earliest teens occurred on 
Nov. 20, 1914.

Finally, there were several record-long November streaks, including:

- Dallas/Ft. Worth: Six straight days of highs of 45 degrees or colder (Nov. 12-17)

- Chicago: 180 straight hours below freezing (late on Nov. 11 until late morning Nov. 19)

- Des Moines, Iowa: 10 straight days with subfreezing highs (Nov. 11-20).


Anonymous said...

I am very cold right now - global warming must be a hoax

Paul K. Ogden said...

You know Anon 11:30, alarmists are all the time pointing to weather as proof of anthropogenic global warming. The hot summer of 2012 for example. Tornadoes, Storm Sandy, the Katrina Hurricane are others.

If you're going to use weather to prove AGW, you can't say it's climate not weather when the event doesn't support your theory. You can't have your cake and eat it too. What am I saying? Of course you can. That's why AGW was renamed "climate change."

Gene Debs said...

It's not clear, but this reads like yet another sneering denial of climate change. There are two simple objective facts that cannot be ignored: (1) billions of tons of man-made toxins are being released into the Earth's air, ground and water every day, at a rate unmatched in human history; and,(2) the Earth's ecosystems are breaking down. Yet the, usually politically conservative, deniers refuse to see any correlation. So, I'll describe it in terms they can understand: (1) the economy has been mostly bad since September 2008; and (2) Obama was elected president in November 2008. Therefore, the bad economy must be Obama's fault. See how simple it is? You guys employ this kind of enlightened reasoning all the time!

Pete Boggs said...

Sure Gene... and orthodox faux-gressives vote no action on the polluted proliferation of nukes by unstable regimes.

Faux-gressives make no effort to deal with the ongoing Fukushima plume. Depending on what the definition of IsIs, cli-mates major in the minors by telling us there's "climate change."

Paul K. Ogden said...


I certainly don't deny "climate change." Climate change has been going on for the 4.5 billion years of the planet. Of course redefining anthropogenic global warming as "climate change" means the alarmists get to claim EVERYTHING proves their theory.

Carbon dioxide is not a "toxin." It's naturally occurring in the environment. Only about 3% of the CO2 in the atmosphere is produced by man. Even the alarmists don't dispute the fact...they just don't talk about it much.

There is ZERO proof that the "Earth's ecosystems are breaking down" as you simply ask me to assume. That's a bunch of nonsense.

Of course, the historical evidence is that CO2 increases follow increases in the temperature. Therefore, the idea CO2 has caused increases just is not proven. Plus, if man-made CO2 was causing temperature changes, atmospheric temperatures would have increased more than surface temperatures, which hasn't happened.

Yes, facts are inconvenient things some time. It never ceases to amaze me how the alarmists know so very little about the AGW issue. Studies in fact have shown that sketpics of AGW actually have a stronger scientific backgrounds. We've actually bothered to become educated about the issue. That would be a good thing for you to do.

I do point out the hypocrisy of alarmists using weather to prove AGW but when it doesn't support AGW, claiming weather doesn't count because it's not climate. I totally agree that weather can't be taken as proof of climate. I'm just consistent about that. The alarmists are not.