Thursday, November 13, 2014

Marion County GOP Leadershop Pledges to Campaign to the Left of Hogsett, Writes Off Fiscal Conservatives in Party

Yesterday former U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett made it official.  He is a candidate for Indianapolis Mayor.  This triggered a snarky response from Marion County Republican Chairman Kyle Walker:
"Joe Hogsett has been rejected by voters three times and next year will be the fourth;
Marion County Republican
Chairman Kyle Walker
either in May or November. Hogsett's unwillingness to support pre-k for low-income families is one of the many reasons he is wrong for Indianapolis."
Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana has a good response to this statement:
Okay, so as a Republican the primary reason I should oppose Hogsett is because of his supposed lack of support for pre-K education for low-income families, something they've been offered for nearly 50 years under the federally-funded Head Start program? So that's your strategy to defeat Hogsett? Excuse me, but if people want to talk about education, then let them run for the school board. 
I would add, so we Republicans are supposed to be motivated to vote for the GOP brand because we'll support the creation of an entitlement program that's been shown not to offer any long-term benefits and is to be paid for with a tax increase?  Kyle Walker, have you decided to just write off fiscal conservatives in your own party completely?

If anyone doesn't think Hogsett knows how to run to the right of a Republican and draw enough conservative votes to win, they need to study what he did to former Mayor Bill Hudnut when they both ran for Secretary of State.

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Pete Boggs said...

A fiscally articulate, grass rooted or populist independent, with a plan, focus & unconventional backing, could prevail in this new race for mayor.