Thursday, October 23, 2014

State Senate Candidate JD Ford Experiences Todd Akin Moment on the Campaign Trail

During the 2010 campaign, Missouri U.S. Senate Candidate Todd Akin famously, in an attempt to make a larger point about pregnancy rates, used the phrase "legitimate rape."   That phrase became a punch line and ended his chances at winning what had until then been a close contest.

Well, political newcomer JD Ford just experienced his Todd Akin moment on the campaign trail.  In an Indiana Forefront column, Indiana Family Institute's Curt Smith describes Ford's political misstep during a recent candidate forum:
Responding to a question about how we should think about businesses and other organizations that do not support the recent court-compelled same-sex union requirement, he says those institutions should be prevented from receiving public services, specifically mentioning police and fire protection.

The forum was held at the Indianapolis Jewish Community Center in north Indianapolis. So, I ask, Mr. Ford, if a Jewish printer doesn’t want to print signs for a gay rights rally that promotes behavior contrary to the Hebrew Scriptures (what Christians call the Old Testament), his or her business should burn if it catches fire?

Similarly, if a faith-based hospital that is guided by a Church that believes the Bible’s understanding of marriage as the sacred union of only one man and one woman, suffers a fire, the place should burn to the ground and all who are in it.
By supporting extending the right for anyone to marry who he or she loves, JD Ford was well-positioned to take advantage of the increasing popularity of the same sex marriage movement.  Instead of remaining on that solid ground, and keeping Senator Mike Delph on the defensive, Ford chose to walk head long into the emerging battle over religious liberty while armed with the bizarre and extremely unpopular view that if your religious views are politically unacceptable you shouldn't receive public services such as police or fire protection.  JD Ford says those churches with objectionable views can just hire security guards to protect themselves from criminals or get a pail of water to put out fires.

If Delph's campaign is on its toes, it will have a TV commercial and direct mail piece out in just a few days exploiting Ford's rookie mistake and putting an end to the spirited challenge from the newcomer.

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