Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mayor Ballard Campaign Website Still Trumpets Letter to the Editor Criticizing Opponent for Advocating "Misguided Use of Money on Early Education"

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard
Given Mayor Ballard has contradicted virtually every campaign promise he made, I guess we shouldn't be surprised that he has now changed his mind on pre-K and now enthusiastically supports it so much so he is asking for a tax increase to fund it.   Nonetheless, if Ballard is thinking of a third term, he would be wise to remove from his campaign website the 11/1/11 Star letter to the editor criticizing Ballard's 2011 opponent for advocating spending money on early childhood education which "will do little to help young children whose parents do not value education."

Misguided use of money on early education 11.1.


I am very disappointed by The Star's endorsement of Melina Kennedy for mayor. Her decision to divert millions from RebuildIndy to early childhood education is misguided and will do little to help young children whose parents do not value education. Parental involvement and support are key to their progress and Kennedy would be better off finding ways to support the family structure, which is so lacking in many poor neighborhoods.

I was glad to see that most of the letters in the Oct. 30 edition of The Star supported Mayor Greg Ballard. Many of us are less interested in attracting young liberals from other countries who sit in coffeehouses discussing theory than we are in having long-neglected infrastructure needs met right now. Ballard has done a good job and deserves another term.

Elizabeth Q. Grady


Jon said...

And in today's Star we see another editorial for preschool education. Couching their argument in the usual terms, it's for the children, and citing numerous research findings that preschool really works we are told that Indy is still on the sidelines.

One wonders why our local paper thinks that it's the duty of the city to fund education, that duty lies expressly with the state according to Indiana's constitition. Then there is the recent research from the Brooking Institute that debunks the success of preschool education. And of course we told that Lilly et. al. are funding $25 million in preschool but the bulk of that money isn't to add more students, but rather to add programs and provide inservice for staff. Then there is the funding for preschool as currently proposed, the elimination of the homestead credit. Eliminating the homestead credit will cause a loss of revenue for local schools and not all of the money is earmarked from that elimination of the homestead tax will go to preschool. What happens to those tax dollars after the preschool pilot ends in five years? I'd bet the same thing happens as the original 1% increase in the tax on food, the tax will stay and the money from that tax will just become another revenue stream for the city.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Jon, I find that a lot of liberals don't actually believe pre-K works but want it because they want to see day care subsidized by government. I actually admire the ones who are honest enough to admit pre-K isn't about education, but that it's about daycare.

Jon said...

Whether it's daycare or pre-K the bigger issue is the suspect funding. IMHO it's just more fungible dollars for the downtown elites. Someone made the comment that if the mayor really wants per-K he should fund it from the 1 billion dollar city budget. If we can "gift" the Pacers with another 160 million over the next few years then 10 million per year should be doable. So which is more important Mr. Mayor, pro sports or kids?

Anonymous said...

He is truly a man of many contradictory opinions. If he is planning to be in politics, he should stick to something that shows his commitments. It is very difficult to trust people with that many different “intentions”. Also, it becomes more and more obvious that he won’t make any of his previous and future promises. I wish he would though. Our education not as much needs an increased funding, but maybe reconstruction. We have lots of potential ( our students are turn to buying essays online less and less). We lack good management team, that’s all