Thursday, September 18, 2014

Marion County GOP Chairman Issues Press Release Decrying Indy Council Democrats for Not Raising Property Taxes

Kyle Walker, Chairman
Marion  County Republican Party
I never thought I'd see the day when a Marion County Republican Chairman would use my party's platform to push for higher taxes.  Yet, Chairman Kyle Walker never fails to disappoint.  This week Walker has issued a press release criticizing the Democrats for blocking the Mayor's proposed property tax increase to pay for a dubious pre-K program.  This isn't Walker's first use of his position to support higher is only his most recent.

The Indy Democrat blog published by Jon Easter has the details on Walker's press release as well as this comment Easter obtained from committee chairman Angela Mansfield:
"First of all this was not a pre-k proposal that was tabled. The proposal was to eliminate the homestead credit, period. There was absolutely no guarantee where the money would be spent that if the proposal had passed. In fact several Republicans have stated that they do not want to support pre-k with these funds. Some made such statements during the last council meeting or in interviews later. 
A similar proposal to eliminate the homestead credit was previously heard in the public safety committee with a full hearing and public comment just a few weeks ago. The proposal was amended to remove the language re the elimination of the homestead credit. To have another committee meeting discussion on the same issue was redundant. This was reminiscent of last year when the mayor put the same proposal before us multiple times."
Councilor Angela Mansfield
So Mansfield points out that there is no guarantee that the revenue received by the city from higher property taxes would actually go to the pre-K program?  Agreed.  However, wasn't that also the problem with the public safety tax increase - there is no guarantee the money would actually be used to hire more police officers.  After all, the last income tax increase was also claimed to be for that purpose yet  we ended up with fewer officers.  To her credit, Mansfield also voted against that tax increase.

In her emailed comment to Easter, Mansfield goes on to dispute Walker's claim regarding public testimony.  She then makes this pointed comment about property tax increases that residents have already faced:
"From my own personal point of view, my constituents experienced a tax increase this year due to the expansion of the special police district. My own taxes went up almost 16% and I have a very modest house. The vast majority of my constituents receive a benefit of the homestead credit substantially greater than the average $22 the mayor continues to tout. Many are $50 - $150."
Yeah, I don't buy the $22 a house claim either.  The math just doesn't work.

In my post yesterday, I showed how public support for the Marion County Republican Party has continued to erode.  Walker seems totally oblivious to the fact that his advocating more taxes, more borrowing, more spending, isn't a good way to attract conservative-leaning voters to the Republican cause.

Meanwhile, the Marion County GOP has issued an invite to its Fall Reception.  The cost?  $5,000 to host, $2,500 to co-host, and $1,000 to sponsor.  If you're just a rank and file Republican toiling in the trenches, the cost of attending this Republican dinner is "only" $100.  Of course, the money will be used by Walker to push for more tax increases and to target Republicans who stand up for conservative values.


Pete Boggs said...

Setting aside the legitimacy of any mo-G expansion or tax increase by team red; citizens don't enjoy the perennial increases in the incomes they use to pay for morbidly expanding government.

Councilor Mansfield appears to recognize what her party ignored in 2007...

How, is this government moving in the right / proper direction?

Unknown said...

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