Saturday, September 13, 2014

Indianapolis Mayoral Candidate Ed Delaney Releases Preschool and Police Staffing Plans

Below is a summary of a preschool and police staffing plan announced by Indianapolis Democratic mayoral candidate and state representative Ed Delaney at a press conference earlier this week.

I. Increase the Number of Police Officers
--The goal is to obtain 1,797 by the 2018 (currently 1,527)
  • Assumes only 45 officers retire per year (619 officers are eligible to retire)
Rep. Ed Delaney (D- Indianapolis)
-- Revenue
  • Public Safety tax $15 million per year
  • “COPs” Grant $3 million per year
  • Cost savings by having regional training
  • State Revenue Sharing
II. DeLaney’s Preschool Plan
Prime the Pump
--The goal is a sustainable preschool program that attracts all parents to participate and involves all schools
  • We must avoid jumping the gun on any statewide preschool program
-- Funding
  • Startup cost should come from a combination of charitable donations and loans from unused reserves e.g. over $50 million held by our Township Trustees.
  • No robbing Peter to pay Paul
III. The Funding Gap
The common problem for both preschool and a significant Police force is a lack of revenue.
  • Tax cuts that were created by the State Government e.g. Inventory tax, inheritance tax, and property tax caps (over $100 million per year)
  • The State needs to share the tax resources that it is hoarding in order to keep an unnecessarily large surplus.


Pete Boggs said...

Isn't "surplus" a bit... chimeric?

Jon said...

Until someone in this city recognizes that the problem isn't property tax caps but misplaced spending priorities we will continue to be inundated with the tax and spend mentality of local politicians.

We need to address the 120 million in TIFS, we need to be transparent as to where all of the money from the 65% increase in CAIT went (90+ million), the 50 million the feds gave us to hire more officers, the 1% increase in food sales that didn't pay off the dome, the giveaways; the Pan Am Plaza, the Broad Ripple Parking Garage, the Marriot et. al.

Anonymous said...

So all solutions involve the State picking up a chunk? (or borrowing from reserves). Since there appears to be some reasonable chance that we'll have a Democratic administration in office, coupled with a Democratic Council (neither of which bothers me much) just how likely is it that Indy will be the recipient of a lot of favors from the State legislature?

Unknown said...

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