Sunday, August 24, 2014

Democratic Mayoral Candidate Rep. Ed Delaney Attacks IMPD Staffing Decreases under Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard

In a continuing effort to shape the public debate, on Thursday Democratic state representative and
Rep. Ed Delaney
mayoral candidate Ed Delaney issued a press release attacking the shrinking city police department under Mayor Greg Ballard's watch and advocating support for restoring the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department to 2007 levels:

For Immediate Release: Contact: Anastasia Foster
August 21, 2014 317-413-7497

  Restoring IMPD to full staffing levels

o When Mayor Ballard was first elected IMPD had 1,740 sworn officers. As of July 2014 that number had fallen to 1,527, a decline of 213 officers or 12.2 percent. This happened while our population grew and crime, esp. murder, rose precipitously.

o After presiding over a six-year decline in staffing levels, the Mayor has responded to the situation he has created by asking to restore some but not all of the 213 lost positions. By 2018 we would have 1,677 officers, 63 fewer than we had in 2007.

o The IMPD Staffing Study Commission recommended that by 2018 we restore the level of police officers to 1,797. This is an increase of some 50 officers from the 2007 level and is 120 more than the Mayor proposes. In my view this is the least that we should do.

Creating legislative support for a central Indiana police training facility

o In January of this year the Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police recommended the creation of a regional training academy which would have the potential to generate revenue and reduce training costs for IMPD. I believe that the General Assembly should be asked to support this effort financially.
 Protecting public school revenue

o Last year the Mayor proposed funding an IMPD staff increase largely from public education (at a cost of $3.9 million) by eliminating the Homestead Credit. Such a move would generate $8.3 million for the city budget and some $700,000 for selected local units of government. If he persists in this effort the Mayor should at a minimum restore the funds to public education.

Outreach for federal grants

o This year the city failed to apply for a $1.5 million grant from the federal COPS program, expressing a concern that a staff increase would not be sustainable. Surely, we can do better than that.

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