Friday, May 9, 2014

Democratic Challenger Exposes Marion County Sheriff John Layton's Electoral Weakness

Sheriff John Layton
I've seen a few reports glossing over the results of the Sheriff's race in the Marion County Democratic Primary, declaring that Sheriff John Layton easily defeated challenger Mark Brown.  End of story.  A win is a win.  But when I look at the numbers, 64% to 36%, I see a bigger story as well as opportunity for Republicans.

Last Tuesday featured historical low turnout of about 10%.  The people who came to the polls were hardcore Democratic partisans. Probably a good 90% of them or more knew Sheriff Layton.  Despite that tremendous name ID, over 36% of the hardcore Democratic voters deliberately cast a ballot against Sheriff Layton.

Contrast that with the 7th Congressional primary in which Democratic Congressman Andre Carson beat off three challengers while capturing over 89% of the vote.

In order for Republicans to win the 7th Congressional district, the GOP needs a lot of Democrats to cross over and vote against Carson. From the primary results, it doesn't look like the Democrats are inclined to do that.  On the other hand, the result in the Sheriff's race suggests Sheriff Layton has an electoral weakness that Republicans could exploit in the Fall.  While it will be a long shot, at least Republicans have some shot at the Sheriff's office.


Pete Boggs said...

Meet Emmitt Carney & you'll learn that Republicans do have an opportunity to win that office & right size / reduce an obscene budget.

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