Monday, April 28, 2014

REVISED: International Cricket Body Asks Feuding USA Associations to Prove Membership

ESPN CricInfo reports:
The feud between the USA Cricket Association and the American Cricket Federation has taken a new twist, as both governing bodies have been asked to supply letters of allegiance from their members to the ICC.
The ACF was created out of the ashes of the 2012 USACA election and their membership has grown to the point where they formally sought recognition in February
from the ICC as a national governing body.
Since 2012, there has been a lack of clarity between the number of leagues the USACA has claimed to be its members, and those which actually are, particularly with respect to those who haven't paid annual membership dues to USACA in the last three years. The ICC's request for USACA and ACF to supply confirmation letters could play a deciding factor in the ongoing dispute in order to decide which body is legitimately in control of cricket in the USA. Having two national governing bodies could potentially result in an ICC suspension for the USA, a fate that occurred in both 2005 and 2007.
According to the recently-released minutes from USACA's last board meeting on March 23, ICC president Alan Isaac sent a letter dated March 11 to USACA president Gladstone Dainty requesting updated information on a series of topics including USACA's current membership. USACA board member John Thickett sent a notice to all USACA member leagues requesting them to provide a letter to USACA chief executive Darren Beazley, to pass on to the ICC, in which the USACA member leagues confirm USACA as the sole governing body for cricket in the USA.
ESPNcricinfo has obtained communication from an ACF member league in which ACF chief executive Jamie Harrison reached out to ACF members on March 29, asking for each ACF league to supply a similar letter confirming ACF as the governing body for cricket in the USA.
"As part of the process by which a new national governing body will be certified for the United States, the ICC has requested that each ACF member league submit a letter asserting that it recognizes the ACF as the USA's national governing body," Harrison wrote to his members.
In short, the ACF was formed in the midst of continuing problems with USACA.  Both USA governing bodies are competing the allegiance of various leagues within the United States. The governing body with the most leagues will probably be recognized by the ICC as the official cricket governing body for the United States.  Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard has made a $6 million bet that USACA wins.  However,  it is increasingly looking like ACF is going to beat out USACA in the battle over recognition as the official governing body  Thus, the plan for Indianapolis to host, at the World Sports Park in August of 2014, the national men's cricket championship may not happen.
REVISION:  I have been told that the above is not technically correct, that ICC won't use the current exercise to pick a winner between USACA and ACF.  Rather ICC rules stipulate that a member country can't have more than one national governing body.  The purpose of the exercise is to confirm there are two governing bodies in the United States.  Upon confirmation of that fact, the action to be taken is to suspend the country from membership in the ICC.   (A suspension means that all ICC funding is cut off from the member organization.)  Following a suspension there is a 12 month period to resolve the issue of cricket governance in the country, and, if at the end of that period the issue is not resolved, the country is expelled from the ICC. 

As a side note, on Sunday I was taking some recycling to bins behind Guion Creek Middle School and saw a game of cricket being played in the parking lot.  I have seen games taking place there before.  It seems like an interesting game.

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