Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Indianapolis Council Votes to Take Ballard Administration to Court Over Refusal to Turn Over Public Regional Operations Center Documents

The Indianapolis Star reports:
The City-County Council voted Monday to sue the city for records on how the administration struck a long-term lease deal for the public safety Regional Operations Center.
By a 15-14 mostly party-line vote, the council instructed the clerk of the council to seek a court order in Marion Circuit Court that would force the city's law office to hand over documents.

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Mayor Greg Ballard's spokesman, Marc Lotter, immediately accused the Democrats on the council of "welshing" on a deal struck beforehand to table the motion so the city could have more time to find the records.

"They put politics ahead of factual information," Lotter said.

But Democrats said they had waited long enough for the records.


Council lawyer Fred Biesecker said only 10 of the requested 30 categories of records have been handed over since then. Corporation Counsel Andrew Seiwert, the corporation counsel, disputed that, saying every document his office could find has been sent to the committee.

Republicans called the vote a stunt to embarrass Ballard administration.

The city's emergency operations moved into 76,000 square feet of the former Eastside shopping center in January 2012, just before Indianapolis hosted the Super Bowl that February. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department's East District moved there in May 2012.
On the 15-14 vote, Democrat Brian Mahern voted against the court action while Republican Christine Scales voted for it.

The notion that, after five months, the administration should be given more times to "find" specifically identified public documents is ridiculous.  Now on the verge of authorizing court action to order the documents be produced, the administration tries to get yet another delay   It is time to stop playing games.  Council Republicans, particularly wannabe attorney Ben Hunter, actual attorney Aaron Freeman, and Jack Sandlin, need to go back and read about Watergate, perhaps watch a documentary on what happened.  Many people lost their careers because they participated in, not the actual underlying offense, i.e. the burglary, but the coverup.


Flogger said...

Republicans called the vote a stunt to embarrass Ballard administration.

The embarrassment is already there. The Ballard Administration is in essence pleading the dog ate my homework by not being able to find the documents.

Unknown said...

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Puppetmaster said...

It is time for the fat lady to sing on Ben Hunter's antics