Friday, March 28, 2014

Future of Cricket in the United States Suffers a Blow as USACA Chief Darren Beazley Resigns

The future of cricket in the United States suffered a blow yesterday.  ESPN CricInfo reports:
Darren Beazley
USA Cricket Association chief executive Darren Beazley has resigned after just 14 months in the role. USACA announced in a press release on Tuesday that Beazley was stepping down in order to return to his native Australia where he will take up a position as the chief executive of Swimming Western Australia. 

Beazley's initial contract was for three years, but his tenure was six months shorter than his predecessor Don Lockerbie, who lasted 20 months before being fired in November 2010 for reasons USACA has never stated. 

 Sources have indicated that the lack of support from the USACA board of directors to implement sweeping governance changes to USACA's administrative structure played a role in his seeking to leave USACA and return to Australia....

Beazley's resignation also comes in the wake of damning financial data made public last month that USACA was more than $3 million in debt at the end of the 2012 tax year. The returns showed a 47% decline in membership revenue from 2011 as member leagues revolted after the controversial 2012 USACA elections in which 32 out of 47 member leagues were disenfranchised. 

USACA is also under increasing pressure from the American Cricket Federationn (ACF), which was formed in the wake of the 2012 election. Many member leagues have defected for the ACF including the largest league in America, New York's Commonwealth Cricket League. 

Beazley had strong ties with Anderson and ICC top brass in Dubai but his departure may be the last straw for USACA in a series of administrative missteps. USA now faces the very real threat of a third administrative suspension by the ICC in the last decade. 
 The Indiana Cricket Blog opined on Beazley's departure:
Very Sad day! For the USA Cricket, USACA chief Darren Beazley resigns.

It may surprise to many as someone of his stature is resigning in just 14 months at this high level job. (Original contract for 3 years)

He was clearly someone who wished USA cricket to do well, and was trying to implement/reforms that would help cricket in America with Let’s Play Cricket USA theme & his willingness to make Cricket as True American Sport.

His involvement was key to bring ICC twice to visit USA (1st in New York than Indianapolis), and $6 million sports park project to bring USA National Championships to Indianapolis, which is scheduled to launch first USA National Championship in August 2014.

He tried his best with his vision & ambition to improve USA cricket at every possible way.


Nicolas Martin said...

This will probably stimulate Indy cricket partisans to redouble their effort to spend some filched taxpayer money on a pitch. Politics relies on the public school model: the more it fails the more money it gets.

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