Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Indianapolis Closes in On Top 10 Coldest January Since Official Temperatures Began Being Kept

Today, with just three days left days left in the month, the average temperature for Indianapolis during the month of January stands at 19.8 degrees.  If that number holds, then we'd be tied for the 10th coldest January since official record-keeping began in 1871.

Four of the coldest Januaries took place between 1963 and 1979, with 1977 being by far the coldest at 10.3 degrees.  (These stats can be found at this website.)  Of course, 1963 to 1979 is the era before the invention of automobiles and coal-fired plants that caused global-warming.  Okay not

During his speech, President Obama stated "global warming is a fact."  You bet it is.  The climate has been changing since the planet was formed.  That's not the issue though. The issue is whether there is dangerous anthropogenic global warming taking place.  The alarmists have worked hard to redefine the debate as "climate change" instead of "global warming" because some of the data wasn't working out and they were being discredited.  By changing the debate to "climate change" they knew they could never be proven wrong.  After all, after 4.6 billion years it's unlikely the planet's climate will suddenly stop changing.

Of course, my pointing out that Indianapolis is on its way to one of the coldest Januaries ever will be met with howls of protests that this is "weather" (short term) instead of "climate" (long term).  And you know what?  On that point, the alarmists are 100% correct.  But the problem is the alarmists are also hypocrites.  They won't hesitate to use weather when it works in their favor. The hot summer we had a couple years ago was pushed by alarmists as proof our planet had dramatically warned. Last night the President talked about the droughts out west as proof.   How is that not weather?  Oh, wait, I forgot. It's never "weather" when the alarmists are using it as evidence of global warming climate change.

We human beings have a misplaced sense of time. We think what we experience on planet Earth during our, if we're lucky, 80 year life spans represents conclusive proof of the long-term direction of the planet.  Instead that 80 year life span is merely a tiny grain on a sandy beach which represents the billions of years the planet has existed.  Even the 140 years or so that man has been keeping official records, which is consistently used by alarmists as the barometer to measure long-term global warming, is a tiny speck of time in the lifetime of our planet.

The reason you can't use snippets in time to measure the long-term direction of the planet is that the planet's climate is always changing.  The the long-term warming and cooling periods can last hundreds of thousands of years if not millions.  In between those periods you have briefer periods - tens of thousands of years - in which the temperature zigs up and zags back down  The alarmists want to latch onto a zig and extrapolate it out showing Earth's temperatures increasing endlessly.  Scary stuff indeed.  But good science? Absolutely not.

But what of the CO2 levels that have increased so much?  Even the alarmists when pressed admit that 97% of the CO2 comes from natural sources, not from man-made activity.  The notion that the increase in CO2 levels is entirely due to man, or even mostly, is pure speculation. In fact, CO2 levels have been higher than today, before man, and CO2 appears to be a lagging indicator of higher temperatures not a cause.

To paraphrase that great environmentalist and inventor of the Internet, Al Gore, these facts are an inconvenient truth.


guy77money said...

It wasn't that long ago that Greenland was actually green! I read everyday about plant and hydrogen fuel being tested and created. Mankind will survive and thanks to the internet these discoveries are communicated at the speed of light! Intervention is moving at an incredible pace. I am not worried at all about the so called Global Warming! Where are you Al Gore to debunk these myths! Hey he invented the Internet! :)

Kilroy said...

I can't wait to see your peer reviewed journal article that finally quashes the global warming evidence. I imagine you will become quite famous. Best of luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Global annual CO2 output = 3.2 x 10^16 g.
Mass of atmosphere = 5 x 10^21 g

Annual CO2 output / atmospheric mass = 6.4 x 10^-6, or 6.4 ppm

Observed annual increase in atmospheric CO2 = 2.1 ppm/year

What this means is, not only is the entirety of atmospheric CO2 increase due to human activity, but the planet is absorbing or recycling 2/3 of the carbon dioxide that humans make! So much for the "humans aren't responsible for increasing carbon dioxide" argument. Math and science are the enemies of global warming deniers.

Pete Boggs said...

Observed Draxy? Even by that which is observably or merely anecdotal, your metrics are hillbilly psy-unce...

See you in group- Dr. Bo Gas

Anonymous said...

Pete - which of my pieces of data are not factual? Or are you using the typical "discredit everything without using any actual facts" denier tactic?

Jeff Cox said...

"Peer reviewed" is a scam in "climate change" science, since the adherents of the Cult of Anthropogenic Global Warming 1. Conspire and intimidate to keep articles questioning their cult brim being published; and 2. Conspire to have their own work reviewed only by other cultists.

Kilroy said...

@Jeff Cox: you go right on believing that if it makes you feel better.

Jeff Cox said...

You're a cultist, Kilroy. Say hi to Jim Jones for me.

Kilroy said...

ad hominem said what?

guy77money said...

When push comes to shove mankind knows how to fix things. Hey how about all the alarmist on the Johnny Carson in the 70's that said the population explosion by the year 2000 would have us all starving and eating solvent green! Hasn't happened yet! We will adapt to any change mother nature can throw at us!

Just remember every generation is the best and brightest! Must have been terrible to have been around when people believed the earth was flat! You could have been convicted of heresy for saying it was round! Lets wait 20 years and get back to me and lets see if we are still here or maybe Kilroy and draxloti will be eating some solvent green! You can google it if you don't know what it is guys! Hit my blog entry up at or my take on scientist!

guy77money said...

Lets put it another way guys and any girls out there reading!

What I am trying to say is each generation comes up with absolutes to explain the world. Thank God!, Mother Nature and the Universe keeps batting aside mankind silly ideas like some kind of pesky insect. Why? Because mankind isn’t even a fly speck on the window of time!

Remember this we only been using good scientific instruments for not even 100 years.

or maybe Dr Mc Coy says it best!

McCoy: [McCoy, masked and in surgical garb, passes an elderly woman groaning on a gurney in the hallway] What's the matter with you?

Elderly patient: [weakly] Kidney

Elderly patient: dialysis.

McCoy: [geniunely surprised] Dialysis?

McCoy: What is this, the Dark Ages?