Monday, December 16, 2013

Pacers TV Ratings Skyrocket; Will Need for Public Subsidies End?

The IBJ's Anthony Schoette reports:
As the Indiana Pacers bolted to a franchise-best record, television ratings for the team's games on Fox Sports Indiana during the first month of the season have skyrocketed. 
The Pacers rating gains come at a time when TV audiences are increasingly fractionalized by continually growing cable TV and online offerings. In this day and age, any double-digit percentage rating increase is reason to celebrate. That's why Fox Sports officials have as much reason to smile as Pacers officials and fans. 
The TV ratings for Pacers games on Fox were up 113 percent in November over the same period a year ago, according to New York-based Nielsen Media Research. That is the team’s highest opening month since 2005 and the increase is the largest in the NBA this season. 
Overall, the Pacers’ local television ratings ranked fourth in the NBA, up from 13th at the end of last season, according to Nielsen. The Pacers Nov. 27 game at Charlotte (6.45) was the highest-rated regular season game on Fox Sports Indiana since April 20, 2005 (6.52, season finale, vs. Chicago), according to Nielsen.   
No word yet on whether the Pacers success on the court and increased TV ratings will make the team more profitable and less demanding of taxpayer subsidies.  I'm going to guess "no" though.


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