Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Star Columnist Pens Thoughtful Column Blaming Misguided City Priorities as Contributing to Lack of Funding for Law Enforcement ... Kidding

Indianapolis Star Matthew Tully recently penned a lengthy column on what appears to be increased violent crime in Indianapolis and ponders a number of questions of how to address the problem, including finding the funds to hire an "appropriate number of police officers on the streets." Tully explains why the 65% increase in the local county option income tax in 2007 did not result in more police officers as promised and why a new tax increase for that purpose would be different.

Kidding. Of course, Tully does no such thing.  As with any inconvenient facts, Tully just ignores them.
Indianapolis Star Columnist Matthew Tully

Tully's column, however, thoroughly outlines the poor spending priorities of the current administration, the $6.35 million gift to Keystone Construction for a parking garage, the $21 million this year given to the Pacers, the $23 million for a private company to build apartments at the location of the old Market Square Arena and $6 million for a cricket field.

Kidding.  Of course, Tully never mentions any of those misguided spending decisions as possibly playing a factor in a smaller pot for law enforcement.

As reported by Had Enough Indy, the City takes in more than $100 million more today than it did when Peterson left office and the State picked up a number of other obligations freeing up yet more money for Indianapolis city leaders to spend on basic services, like law enforcement.  Tully notes this in his column and points out how most of that money has been diverted to private companies via an increasing number of  tax increment financing districts (now making up 20% of the city) that often run in the red and drain the property tax base.

Kidding.  Of course, Tully never mentions that.   Tully instead wants you to take out your wallet and pay more.  If city leaders decide to give that money to politically-connected companies, don't expect Tully to complain.  He'll just write another column ask his readers to pay yet more taxes.

With columnists like Matt Tully who won't address local issues with even a modicum of intellectual honesty, is it a wonder the Star continues to lose readership?


Unknown said...

Tully has no more insight than any other man on the street.

guy77money said...

Tully wants to keep his job. He has to dance the dance so many people in corporate jobs have to do daily. I love your blog posts Paul you say the things so many people out there are saying in private! Keep up the good work! said...

"Tully has no more insight than any other man on the street." I disagree, or at least would phrase the thought differently. He has no insight, period. He is a useful as a colorblind sock-sorter.

Flogger said...

Tully works for our Local Version of Pravda. The Star's Motto should be "All the News, we see fit to Report and you do not need to Know."

Perhaps Tully should ponder this: Have you ever considered the Responsibility of Knowledge? The Crime of unrevealed Facts.

I marvel at the Selective Reporting in The Star and how they can continue to write such blatant Propaganda. I suspect they are publishing a paper only to validate to the Shadow Government and Crony-Capitalists that they are a part of the Establishment.

Unigov said...

Flogger - I agree. Tully works for the business-government complex that runs the country, so he cheerleads for higher taxes and public works projects at every turn. Indy's homicide rate is the highest in years, while the city hands the Pacers millions.