Friday, September 20, 2013

Less Than 18 Hours After Shooting of IMPD Officer, Star Columnist Uses Death to Argue for Higher Property Taxes to Hire More Police Officers

Erika Smith
Just when you think the last two disingenuous columns by Matt Tully couldn't sink the Indianapolis Star any lower, metro columnist Erika Smith proves otherwise. Less than 18 hours after the tragic hooting of IMPD police officer of Rod Bradway, Erika Smith is using Bradway's death  to argue for property tax increases to hire more police officers.  Never mind that we increased the county option tax by 65% in 2007 to pay for more police officers and ended up with less...Erika Smith is not about to let facts get in the way of her arguing that people need to pay higher taxes. And Erika Smith also is not going to allow things like good taste and human decency get in the way of her exploiting a personal tragedy to support her political agenda.

Yet the Star continues to send me notices wanting me to renew my subscription.  Tell you what, Indianapolis Star, fire Tully and Smith and hire some decent political columnists who will honestly and fairly write about issues involving the City and we can talk.


Guest said...

You can hire hundreds of new officers but it won't change certain facts, as those facts are unmentionable. We can't fix those that don't want to help themselves.

Flogger said...

I sometimes wonder who The Star thinks their readership actually is. Anyone who has followed politics in this city, knows full well The Star will never present you with all the facts.

Tully and Smith are opinion columnists, but they do have the Journalistic obligation to present the all the facts.

I ponder further do Tully and Smith actually believe the tripe they write?? If they do it is shades of the book 1984. How many fingers am I holding up Winston??

Society of Socrates said...

Neither one of this folks tell us how they would raise 7 to 9 million dollars to fund more police officers. Nor do they tell us what department funds they would cut to offset additional cost.