Monday, September 30, 2013

Indiana Supreme Court Needs to Review Expenditure of Attorney Annual Dues by Judicial Agencies

Attorneys should be advised that today is the last day to pay the $145 annual dues lest they be faced with a late fee.  Yearly licensing fees pay for the Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission and Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program.

Executive Secretary
Michael Witte

I would like to see the Indiana Supreme Court take a good hard look at how these two judicial agencies spend our annual dues, particularly the Disciplinary Commission.   During my disciplinary trial on June 30th, the Commission had at least six staff members present during my 11 1/2 hour trial.   At the hearing, the Commission had accumulated boxes of "evidence" regarding my supposed transgressions, i.e. emails criticizing a judge and a letter to Marion County judges outlining the procedure to be followed on divvying up civil forfeiture assets between government entities.   Last week, the Disciplinary Commission filed four documents, a total of 54 pages on my case. 

While the Commission's Executive Secretary Michael Witte claims the Commission lacked the resources to properly investigate attorney William Conour who was convicted of stealing from his clients, that claim is belied by the fact the Commission has spent enormous resources, including hundreds of hours of staff time, on pursuing my prosecution.  Meanwhile the Disciplinary Commission allows convicted felons to practice law without so much as being charged with a single count of misconduct.

It is clear that the priorities of Witte and the members of the Disciplinary Commission are seriously out of whack.  The Indiana Supreme Court needs to terminate Witte from his position and appoint an Executive Secretary who will make protecting the public from unethical attorneys the No. 1 responsibility of the Commission.


bjb said...

Paul, convicted felons can practice law without discipline, while I cannot due to political protest activity in 20 years ago.

Of course, to be fair, most of those felons are not conservatives. My protests were pro-life. I imagine my fate would be quite different had I been protesting for an increase in unlawful entry to our country or against Reagan's reign.

Only in Indiana.

bjb said...

Paul, I, too, requested a civil rights investigation into my processing by the bar committees. Any legislators considering a look see at yours should also check mine out. It, too, contains a subpoena that was choked out and it, too, contains allegations of due process and equal protection and free speech and whistleblowing. Seems to me that between yours, mine and a few others their is grist for a governent investigation of the government. Who is watching the watchers?

Pete Boggs said...

So, whether you want them to or not, they wash your windshield & demand payment in exchange for not breaking it?

bjb said...

I paid, mine was broken anyway. By admittedly falsified reports, heavy-handed bureaucratic manipulation and after an unconstitutional inquisition.