Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Evening Features Two More Killings As Council Fails to Override Mayor's Veto of Crickets v. Cops Proposal

In this morning's Indianapolis Star, which brought news that the Council's attempt to override the Mayor's veto on the Crickets v. Cops proposal, were two other stories, one detailing a teenager killed on the eastside and another reporting that a man holding a baby was shot and killed on the near northside.

The Star reports on the Crickets v. Cops veto:
The Democrat-drafted council measure would have directed the city to transfer $6 million from the city’s RebuildIndy public works projects fund to a new Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department recruiting fund. That’s enough to pay for roughly 60 recruits.   
However, it takes 20 votes on the 29-member council to overturn a veto.  
Tonight, the council could muster only 16 votes, with nine members voting no. Four members — two Democrats and two Republicans — were absent.   
On the side of overriding the veto were 12 Democrats and four Republicans. Voting to sustain the veto were Democrat Brian Mahern and the remaining Republicans.
It's called the Cops v. Crickets ordinance, because Mayor Ballard has decided to spend $6 million of the RebuildIndy fund for a cricket park on the east side of Indianapolis, but when he presented with a bill that would spend $6 million from the fund for a police recruitment class, the Mayor vetoed it.

For the record, the four Republicans to override the Mayor were Christine Scales, Bob Lutz, Janice McHenry and Aaron Freeman.

I find it significant that four members - Republicans Ginny Cain and Jack Sandlin and Democrats Vop Osili and Angela Mansfield - missed the meeting and this critical vote.  Unfortunately, because a veto override apparently is 2/3 of the number of councilors (20) in the body as opposed to 2/3 of the number of councilors present, the absence of the councilors effectively acted as a vote to sustain the Mayor's veto.

Nonetheless, I find it significant that the Mayor could only get 9 votes to sustain his veto. There are 14 Republicans on the Council.  Even some of his most ardent GOP supporters are turning against him.

By the way, we are now up to 79 homicides for the year.  Indianapolis actually has a higher homicide rate than Chicago and a much higher rate than New York City.


Veracity said...

Don't try and read something into the absence of four people. It is summer and many people schedule vacations long in advance of the council meetings. I know that is the case with Vop Osili. Besides, it would not have made a difference. Do you really think Ginny Cain and Jack Sandlin would have voted against the mayor? Only when pigs fly!

Paul K. Ogden said...
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Paul K. Ogden said...

Probably no. However, Sandlin is buckling on the proposed property tax increase. He was absent from the Homestead meeting and Marilyn Pfisterer voted for him and vote for it.

I sympathize on their absences, but the practical effect is that Osili and Mansfield's absence acts as a vote to support the Mayor given how they do override votes.

BloggerBill said...

Sandlin's father just passed away so that would explain his absence.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Yes, BloggerBill. Thanks. Very understandable reason why.

IndyDem said...

Jack Sandlin's father passed away. Thats why he wasn't there.

Guest said...

You could put hundreds of new cops on the streets and it would not change much. You are fighting a segment of a culture which does not want to participate in change from within in attitudes about education and lifestyles. It is up to the black community to fix itself as they do not like white opinions but they like their tax dollars subsidizing bad behavior.