Thursday, June 27, 2013

Governor Pence Now Allowing Negative Comments on Facebook Regarding His Position on Same Sex Marriage

After an initial misstep with his staff deleting negative messages on Facebook, Governor Mike Pence is now allowing negative views in response to his statement supporting a constitutional ban on same sex marriage.  It is a good move by Governor Pence.  If you can't stand the heat, don't go into politics.  Here is a sample of the comments:

Satchuel Paigelynn Cole Also, if you can't handle someone calling you a bigot, which is accurate, then why are you in politics?

  • Ryan Wiscaver Isnt it time to impeach this man? Look at his track record. Go ahead... google it.

  • Tim Deem Aggravated at your public statement. Embarrassed for it to originate from my own state. Encouraged by the HUGE number if remarks being made that DO NOT agree with you, Governor. Anxious to see how you feel when you're proven wrong. Confident that history will not look back on you fondly.

  • Satchuel Paigelynn Cole "For thousands of years, marriage has served as the glue that holds families and societies together and so it should ever be." - Mike Pence

    Then why do you want to deny that same right to others Mr. Pence? If you can admit that marriage is what holds our society together, then why are you against marriage for all? And how about you work on making anti divorce laws since you are so gung ho on marriage?

  • Rae Disco Homosexuality has been practiced far longer than Christianity and by more species. So bring it on, dude.

  • Marshall J. Baumgartner Mr. Pence, I didn't vote for you, and can't wait for your term to end.
    You are a dangerous hypocrite.


    Bradley said...

    I think the Governor's being a little wishy-washy, though (heard that before with Pence):

    Indy Rob said...

    I'd point out to those who have used Governor Pence's facebook to call him names, that that is hardly an effective strategy toward influencing someone. Makes it much less likely that Governor Pence would actually care about what ever else that the poster might have to say.

    It also demonstrates something about the character of the poster.

    Paul K. Ogden said...

    Bradley, he could have been protecting staffers who undoubtedly were the ones who took down the posts. As I've said before, Pence is actually a very nice guy...maybe too nice.

    I agree with Indy Rob that some of the rhetoric directed at the Governor is not helpful.

    Pete Boggs said...

    If we're patient, SCOTUS will get around to requiring tolerance of the intolerant (defined as people who don't tolerate disagreement). Ain't we lucky to have them tell us what to think?

    Bradley said...

    I agree and am sure he was protecting his staffers, but it makes him seem as if he doesn't have control, and that's going to be a PR nightmare for him if he doesn't watch it (it's already called "Pencership" in social media and the story seems to have been spreading). Also, often when one's staff is bigoted (a debatable word for some regarding homosexuals and absolute truth for others) and more importantly touchy to criticism, it's a reflection of how their boss really is behind the public facade. Seems that way in politics a lot of times at least. Regardless, it's a PR issue and he's not looking good with it.

    He may be a nice guy to many people (and he seems like he probably is on non-political issues), but his statement after the court rulings was as nasty of a nice way to say "I don't like your kind" and is inflammatory no matter how one would look at it.

    I definitely agree that the name-calling and profanity directed toward him is unnecessary in a public forum and of little use to the greater good of the discussion.

    Paul K. Ogden said...

    Bradley, you know I read that Pence statement expecting the worst and I don't think it was that bad at all. In fact, a part of it seemed respectful of those with opposing views. Probably any statement though was going to seem confrontational though given its timing.

    Bradley said...

    It was certainly more respectful than I imagined it would be, too, but as I said, it's still the nastiest nice way of saying it. And since it was prepared before the SCOTUS ruling came down like all politicians do nowadays, it was prepared ahead of time with all the nicities necessary not to make him sound like a bigot to the opposing side.

    If he had been confronted immediately after the ruling without time to read a prepared statement, I imagine he would have said something quite differently (like he allegedly did when the "Obamacare" decision came down). Just my two cents' worth and as always I appreciate the civility to argue on your blog like this!