Monday, May 13, 2013

The FBI and Its New Superpower - The Ability to Anticipate Bank Robberies

Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana reports on the new strange superpower of the FBI - being able to anticipate bank robberies before they happen:
As I was browsing the Chicago Tribune's website this morning, I noticed something familiar when I read the headline, "2 charged after FBI robbery probe ends with 1 suspect dead." Hadn't I just read a similar headline in Indianapolis within the past day? I went back to the Star's website and found this headline: "FBI identifies trio of suspects in Plainfield bank robbery." A sub-heading added, "Indianapolis man was shot, killed by federal agents; 2 others in jail." Two bank robberies occurred in separate suburban cities in neighboring states on the same day involving three armed robbers, and the FBI was at the scene of both robberies when they occurred to pursue the suspects, capturing two and killing one after a shootout. What are the odds?
The robbery reported by the Tribune took place in Richmond, a northwest suburb of Chicago.

Indeed, what are the odds?

This may simply be good detective work by the FBI, getting leads on planned robberies through legal methods and following up on those leads.   On the more sinister side, perhaps it is the feds, in the course of routinely monitoring people's cell phone conversations and emails, coming across robbery plans and responding accordingly.  The latter would suggest a search that is not legal and a breach of people's civil liberties that is disconcerting.

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