Sunday, March 31, 2013

Google Chooses Easter to Insult Christians

Today marks the most important religious holiday of the year, Easter, which celebrates the Resurrection.  The belief in the Resurrection is the critical defining characteristic of Christianity.  Although many non-Christians acknowledge Jesus, it is the Resurrection that is purely a Christian belief.

Don't think for a second that this was not lost on the folks at Google.  So what was the Google "doodle"  that the company decided would be appropriate symbol for Easter?  A picture of Cesar Chavez, the Mexican labor leader.

Not to take away from Cesar Chavez who was a prominent historical figure. Chavez's birthday also happens to be today which is one of the rare times that it falls on the same day as Easter.  However, it is signficant that when Google had the opportunity to choose between celebrating the Easter Season and Cesar Chavez, it instead chose the labor leader.  It certainly wasn't an accident.

Should Christians be insulted?  Absolutely.  It doesn't matter if it is Christianity, Judiasm, Hinduism, or Islam, the people who believe in those religions, and the holidays they celebrate, should be respected.  Google chose instead chose to slight Christians all over the world.  Bing says "Thank You."


Anonymous said...

Um, news flash: Google haven't put up an Easter doodle since 2000.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Michael, so what? The fact is they put up ANOTHER doodle on Easter Day. That's what the insult is. If they wouldn't have put one up at all, it wouldn't be a problem.

Unigov said...

Chavez has even been rejected by those on the far left still capable of rational thought:

He reported immigrants to the INS unless they were part of his organization. He was a miserable creepy fascist twat.

Only weak-minded people worship other human beings:

- Mother Theresa was a cunt who denied pain relief to her patients
- Nelson Mandela is a communist terrorist
- Gandhi was anti-Semitic
- Woodrow Wilson hated black people. Hated hated hated black people. He re-segregated the US military.
- Che Guevara was a racist, having expressed the opinion that Africans weren't as intelligent as Europeans
- FDR needlessly locked up Japanese-Americans
- Julia Carson was a communist who accepted a bribe in the form of stock in a cable TV company. She got a million bucks from the deal, while people in Indy had to pay billions more for cable TV than they should have.

The only recent American I can think of, deserving of high praise, is Dr King. Yet even he played politics, having distanced himself from Bayard Ruskin because Ruskin was gay.

IndyDem said...

Oh Brother.. ! It must have been a slow news day on Easter.. Are you REALLY insulted? I mean really, who cares.. ??!
Yesterday it was also still Passover. Should they have done something for that too?

Brian said...

I really hope this was a poorly-executed, early April Fool's Day post.

1. Chavez was American, not Mexican. He was born in Arizona.

2. Chavez was a lifelong Catholic who frequently talked about how his faith influenced his work.

3. For the Eastern and Orthodox Christians, Easter won't be celebrated until May 5.

So I guess Google decided to insult Christians on a day that some of them celebrate Easter by honoring the birthday of a famous Christian?

Paul K. Ogden said...


Yes I was insulted. And I'm not even close to being a Holy Roller type. And, no, of course I don't mind Google recognizing other religious holidays.

The problem is that it was THE most important Christian holiday on the calendar. Google had never done a doodle before on Chavez's birthday. You actually think it was a coincidence that the one time Google decided to do it, it was Easter? I highly doubt it. The slight was undoubtedly intentional.

Paul K. Ogden said...


I don't know why you think it was an April Fool's joke. Christians were all over the Internet complaining about this.

You really think Cesar Chavez, who was Catholic, would actually be okay with celebrating his birthday instead of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?

In the very best spin, Google was clueless on noting the fact that Chavez's birthday and Easter fell on the same day. You cannot deny, it was a monumental corporate PR mistake that ticked off a huge portion of the population Google probably wants to keep as customers.

Veracity said...
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Anonymous said...

Google was not clueless that yesterday was Easter. As I mentioned earlier, they haven't recognized Easter with a doodle in 14 years. Not sure why you think this year should have been any different.

This whole post, surely some kind of April Fool's joke gone wrong, reeks of the typical "Christian persecution complex" perpetuated by the non-dramas created by folks like Fox News.

Brian's previous post is spot on. If someone was insulted by a historically appropriate Google doodle, they get insulted way too easily.

IndyDem said...

I wouldn't call you a holy roller at all. Which is why I was surprised to see the post. My point is that it's really a non issue. I'm Roman Catholic and couldn't care less if Google did a doodle promoting my faith. One has to ask if the folks who were really "insulted" tend to be hypersensitive and see a "war" on religion everywhere they turn. When you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Bing had a beautiful display of Easter eggs on Easter 2013. What is COOL about an egg? An egg can help explain the TRINITY: An egg has 3 parts: The shell, the white, the yolk. 3 parts, but only ONE EGG. Google chose to insult 2 billion Christians on Easter 2013, with their political doodle.

Anonymous said...

An HTML page has 3 components too, a HEAD, TITLE, and BODY. So by your logic it can explain Christianity just as well. 3 parts but just one page.

Move along, no real drama to see here.

Unknown said...

Bing had an incredible display of Easter offspring on Easter 2013. What's COOL about a egg? An egg will help explain passbook the TRINITY: A egg has 3 pieces: The shell, your white, the yolk. 3 pieces, but only 1 EGG. Google thought i would insult 2 million Christians on Easter 2013, because of their political doodle.

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