Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bill Nye " The Political Guy" Flunks Climate Change 101

Yesterday someone posted on Facebook the video produced by Bill Nye "the Science Guy" in which he seeks to explain Climate Change 101.  Unfortunately I was heading out the door and didn't have a chance to review and respond to the video.  I had time to watch it this morning, but unfortunately my response is going to have to be rather brief brief because I have an early morning deposition.

For some reason the embedding doesn't work so here is a link to the video which appears to be produced by the Climate Reality Project.
Bill Nye

It is apparent that Nye's motivation to produce the video isn't about honest science.  Rather  it is about political advocacy.  Honest science doesn't demand, as Nye does, to "stop the debate."  People who are honest about their scientific conclusions welcome debate.  Further, Nye proceeds to demonize anyone who disagrees with him as being funded by the fossil fuel industry.  Never mind that there is scientific disagreement with his conclusions from people not funded by the fossil fuel industry.  Never mind that Nye completely ignores the role grants have on driving the anthropogenic global warming academic studies.  (If you are an academic and apply for a grant for the purpose of producing a study showing anthropogenic global warming is not taking place, you are not going to get the grant.)  That Nye's science is about political advocacy is apparent from his conclusions that "clean energy" (while the video shows windmills and solar panels) will create a lot of jobs.  Again, scientists need to stick to science and not partake in the political advocacy as Nye clearly is doing.

But I've started at the end of the video, let's return to the first.  Of course, Nye does the old tactic of calling the danger "climate change" instead of the older bogeyman "global warming."  The climate has been changing for 4.5 billion years, going through cycles of warming and cooling that last millions of years if not longer.  There is no reason to think this pattern is somehow over.  Of course when the numbers weren't working out on the "global warming" scare the alarmists moved to "climate change."

Nye declares that the "fundamentals of climate change have been understood for decades."    I suppose the "decades" includes the 1970s when scientists, including global warming alarmist James Hansen, was warning of the upcoming ice age.  Nye is old enough to remember the 1970s.  I wonder if he "understood" the planet was warming then or whether he went along with the "ice age" alarmists back then.

Nye goes on to say that excess of CO2 in the atmosphere causes the temperature to rise.  Actually studies over and over again have shown that CO2 rises following temperature increases.  The cause and effect that Nye wants us to assume is there, is actually the reverse of what he claims.  But that doesn't stop Nye.  He just ignores those real life studies of our climate to do an experiment in the studio using the assumption that our climate is a closed system.  Never mind that people haven't been able to replicate his study.  The fact is the cause and effect simply isn't there.

Of course, Nye completely leaves out that CO2 levels have been much higher than today in our planet's history, including a period before man walked the Earth.  How did that happen?  Nye offers no explanation.  He just ignores these inconvenient facts.

Nye claims that we are having more and more extreme weather that we've never experienced before and this is proof of "climate change."  I do find it ironic that liberals can talk about weather being proof of dangerous global warming, but the minute conservatives try to point to weather events disproving global warming, they are scoffed at for not knowing the difference between weather (short term) and climate (long term.)  Nonetheless, Nye offers no proof that we are having more extreme weather than ever.  He just wants the viewers to assume that is true.

As I've written on these pages before, a research meteorologist who supports anthropogenic global warming did a 100 year study of hurricanes expecting to find an increase in activity due to the aforementioned warming.  Much to his disdain, he found no proof to support his hypothesis.

Near the conclusion of the video, Nye makes the call for action saying that we can "stop climate change."  of course, again, the climate always changes.  If Nye is talking about climate change as in "global warming," even the most severe measures such as the Kyoto Treaty, even if fully implemented, would barely have a dent on global warming predictions.

Of course, Nye doesn't care about any of that.  This is about Nye promoting his political agenda, not being honest about the science.


varangianguard said...

You do realize that you yourself are purporting a "political" agenda of your own, yes? Sure you do.

Nicolas Martin said...

A few prescient persons saw the writing on the wall.


Paul K. Ogden said...

No, Varan, demanding that scientists not have a political agenda and view the science objectively is not a "political agenda."

Unknown said...

I'm not ashamed for scientists taking a stand on climate change, because here's an analogy to the situation:

Scientist studies how bullets fly from guns. Scientist sees that bullet is flying at her. Scientist moves.


Scientists study climate change. Scientists see human activity is a huge, significant, major, undeniable cause of climate change. Scientists say, "Let's get out of the way of this bullet, shall we?"