Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tea Party Activists Publish List of Ten Most Liberal Political Writers

Star Columnist Matthew Tully
This was sent to me by a tea party friend.  Not my list, though I agree with many of the names.  If you put Nuvo's Hammer on the list, David Hoppe, who also writes a column at the Nuvo and is every bit as bad, should be on the list.  Not sure you can have the Star's Matthew Tully on there without his columnist partner Erika Smith.  My problem with both Tully and Smith is not so much that they are "liberal" as that they are little more than cheerleaders for a local power structure that puts corporate welfare and insider deals ahead of the interests of working men and women.   That is in sharp contrast to Dan Carpenter and Sheila Suess Kennedy.  Although they are clearly far to the left on the political spectrum, I respect them because both are willing to take on the corporate welfare loving power structure that is Indianapolis.  They will write about things that Tully and Smith, as official City Cheerleaders, will never touch..

FYI, #10 Abdul published a list on his blog.  He obtained a list that was not yet finalized.  This is the final list (and comments afterward) printed verbatim:

Indy’s Ten Most Liberal Political Writers

Mathew Tully
Indianapolis Star
Jim Shella
Sheila Suess Kennedy
Indianapolis Star
Dan Carpenter
Indianapolis Star
Tom Lobianco
Associated Press
Mary Milz
Mickey Mauer
Indianapolis Business Journal
Steve Hammer
Ken Bode
Gadfly & Former NBC Reporter
Abdul Hakim-Shabazz
Gadfly & Former Radio Jock

A "Liberal' or “Progressive” subscribes to some of the following: Anti-tea party, world government; weak local government; centralized state government; weak states’ rights; high progressive tax rates; pro Common Core; anti school vouchers; free universal health care; pro gun control; full rights to gay marriage; abortion without restriction; centralized economy; tax on hydrocarbon fuels; open international borders; lower national defense spending; and European Socialism.


Had Enough Indy? said...

Wow, that list is way off in my book. Tully, liberal? Mauer? really? Abdul? Its kind of an insult to proud liberals.

patriot paul said...

I wasn't privy to this but it appears this was a concensus among a small social group of ultra conservatives who I'm told followed up by email questionaires. It is not authorized by the "Tea Party" at large, and I certainly disagree with it.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Again, it's not my list. And it's fair to say this is a list only from some Tea Party activists. Knowing some of them, I certainly wouldn't call them "ultra conservatives." I'm not sure what is on the list that prompted that characterization.

Tully is definitely a liberal. I think Tully has bigger problems than that, however, such as the fact he refuses to write anything critical of the policies of whoever happens to be in power locally. He's intellectually dishonest. Both Tully and Mauer are major supporters of corporate welfare which by definition makes them liberal.

As far as Abdul goes, I don't think he has any political philosophy. I think he'll go whatever direction you want him to go as long as you present him with a check.

Flogger said...

Paul I will tongue and cheek serve you with this cease and desist order.

Please do not call Tully a Liberal. I am a Liberal and a Socialist, and Tully is no Liberal. He is a Corporatist Cheerleader.

I find it laughable that Tully and Erica Smith have their staged spates in the paper.

As a Liberal I am totally opposed to Corporate Welfare and Crony Capitalism that is rampant in Indianapolis.

Harrison Ullman was a million miles better than Nuvo is today.